Alex Jones’ Jew Wife Jews Him Intensely (Again)

Daily Stormer
May 10, 2017

We feel your pain bro

Is there anything worse than going through a nasty public divorce with the custody of your children in the balance?

Yes, and that would be going through a nasty public divorce with the custody of your children in the balance, when your ex-wife/nemesis is an evil Jewess with a demonic team of Jew Lawyers at her beck and call, all of which is being paid for by yourself.

This is what Alex Jones, Hero of The Male Sex, has been dealing with for what must seem like six million years.

Now the evil Jewess and one of her demon rat shysters have held a press conference in an attempt to further discredit AJ, who, truth be told, dindu nuffin but try to ward off these Satanic Semites and ensure a good life and proper care of his three mishlings.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Now, first of all, the Jewess says that Alex did a press conference in violation of some order the judge imposed. If true, why is she giving a press conference? The answer is obvious: Jews hold themselves to different standards than those to which they subject us cattle goyim.

The Jewish tendency to quickly rattle off vagaries in a manner as to make the passing listener or reader think they have just heard or read facts is on full display here. After a short appeal to emotion in her introduction, her first assertion about the ruling is her “belief.”

“I believe that this ruling is, in fact, a decision by the jury, that parental alienation did occur in this case, and that Alex did, systematically and tragically, alienate our children.”

Those are some strong words coming from a woman who was offered the world, meaning joint custody plus millions of dollars, but rejected that in favor of demanding that Alex have zero contact with the children and still give her all that money. So who is really doing the alienation here?

Sorry, but beliefs are not facts. One can assume, based on this odd choice of words, that the jury’s decision made no such claim.

She claims she “presented evidence” of said alienation throughout the various trials and hearings that all happened because of her scorched earth, winner-take-all agenda, and that everyone ignored her evidence. What this means to normal, sane, and impartial people is that she bitched and raised hell and made crazy accusations about the father of her children, and the experts weighed her accusations, and found them wanting in the balance.

Everyone knows that the family courts and the laws they enforce are weighted so heavily towards women that even when the mother is an unfit parent, the courts generally give the children to them anyway.

The law of averages says that if the main focus is giving custody to the better parent, the stats would be close to 50/50

Then she goes on to claim that she was court ordered to undergo 800 hours of therapy. And she claims that this amounts to “the equivalent of about 40 years of therapy.”


I suppose if you’re claiming that there’s a set rate of therapy, and that going to a therapist for an hour a week to piss and moan about your feels is the yardstick, then that number is accurate. But that’s a weird standard. A person going through substance abuse therapy in a treatment center gets about 14 hours of therapy per day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t take long to make that 800 hours, in the grand scheme of things, and Mrs. Jones certainly has not spent 40 years in therapy.

Insane Jewess is insane. Great nosejob btw. Just greaaat.

It does point out an interesting fact though: All these experts saw her as having exponentially more problems as a parent and a human being than Alex, and that is reflected in the disparity between Alex’s treatment and hers.

I’m not going to continue to go through every detail and critique everything she and her attorney said, so as you watch the video, do so with a jaundiced eye toward every narrative either of them try to spin,  and take note, because this is good training in the Jewish method of argumentation.

For example, after going through all the treatment and analysis that court appointed experts and professionals had done, the attorney poo-poos them by saying they completely ignored “the 8 characteristics of alienated children” and “the 17 characteristics that alienated parents engage in.”

The filthy kikess used this clip to show AJ is nuts. It wasn’t a good skit. Fine. BUT – it was a performance, kike. You should know about performances. Stupid bitch.

So what you basically have here is a Jew attorney who is advocating that child custody cases should be decided based on some weird Buzzfeed Listicle Psychology.

A couple more things. Both the Jewess and her Jew attorney hold forth on how many hundreds of gorillions of dollars this case has cost her, but they don’t mention that it is Alex’s money she’s been spending.

Worse, at the outset, she claims she received no alimony whatsoever, in an attempt to make the listener believe she’s a penniless cast off, but the judge in the case said this:

Austin-American Statesman:

Wilhite said the crux of Kelly Jones’ problem is that she has gone through one set of lawyers after another and some $3.5 million since her divorce settlement, much of it pursuing fruitless motion after motion that actually cost her access to her children each step of the way.

And she already receives $43,000 a month from her ex-husband.

Naranjo rejected the motion that Alex Jones should have to contribute more, noting that the average Travis County juror won’t understand why Kelly Jones’ monthly stipend is not enough to cover her legal bills.

“It is not within the realm of experience of their lives,” Naranjo said.

”They are not going to believe the amount of money that has been spent on this,” the judge said.

Here’s Alex giving you the lowdown on the case:

And here’s the original presser:

It seems that the former Mrs. Jones has decided to create a website and podcast devoted to slandering Alex forever.

Click here to go check it out and give Alex’s ex-Jew wife some helpful feedback.

Note to Alex Jones: We may not be the Germanic Death Cult that runs the New World Order, but we care about you and we’re on you side.

Come be a Nazi with us Alex, we have cookies.