Alex Jones’ Jewish Wife Succeeds in Stealing His Children

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2017

The Illuminati German death cult globalists have finally enacted their revenge on Alex Jones by stealing his children.

Oh wait, no, it was just his Jew wife with Jew lawyers in a Jew feminist family court system.

The wolf was right.

Mr. Jones is a bit of a con man and carnival barker, but this case is really disturbing. Rather than objectively measure Jones’ merits as a husband and father, the lawyers for his Jewish wife Kelly Jones leveraged the political views and on air theatrics on InfoWars. What does this have to do with a custody case?

The Daily Beast:

Alex Jones suffered a dramatic defeat in his custody battle Thursday night in a trial that questioned both Jones’ future visitation of his children and the legitimacy of his performances on his conspiracy theory website and talk show, InfoWars.

The couple will receive joint custody and Kelly Jones, the ex-wife of the InfoWars host, will have the right to decide who the children live with.

The jury ruled 10-2 in Kelly’s favor following 10 hours of deliberation at the end of the nine-day trial.

Jones had previously been joint managing conservator and the three children lived at his residence. Kelly saw them sparingly, only 5 times so far this year, according to her attorneys.

A central question in the case, and the main reason for wider interest in what is essentially a child custody case, has been whether or not Alex’s off-air persona is the same as what viewers have seen on InfoWars—or if he is merely a kind-hearted, doting, and soft spoken father off camera.

Jones’ lawyers have notably argued that his on-air persona is an act, an assertion that could potentially cast some doubt on his often over-the-top political claims, including doubts that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre ever occurred.

Regardless, questions about InfoWars have been something of a moot point due to Judge Orlinda Naranjo’s refusal to allow the trial to focus on the program or Alex’s politics.

Ex-wife Kelly Jones’ attorneys only brought a few videos to enter into evidence, and all but two were ruled inadmissible by Naranjo: a clip of Alex apparently inebriated in DC on inauguration night bellowing that “1776 will commence again” and “the age of man is here,” before announcing that he is going to go urinate on a tree. The only other clip allowed was from the Joe Rogan show, where he can be seen smoking a joint, which is legal in California, where the clip was filmed.

The clip appeared to contradict Jones’ assertion that he only smokes marijuana once a year “to test its potency” (he also blamed George Soros for brain damaging people with overly potent marijuana), though it’s unclear how bad this toke played with a jury in liberal Travis County, Texas.

Perhaps the most significant Infowars clip to get traction in court was one from Saturday morning in which he boasted that he had slept with “conservatively” at least 150 women by the time he was 16. The clip was not played in court, but Kelly Jones’ attorneys managed to bring it up in court as evidence that Alex is not a positive role model for his 14-year-old son.

Kudos to the judge for trying to keep some semblance of legal professionalism in the case, but Kelly Jones and her lawyers managed to get some poison into evidence anyway. The fact that the trial happened near the Poz capital of Austin, Texas (Travis County) however, means the jury was politically stacked against Jones no matter what (Leftists believe Alex Jones is a “Nazi” because he supported Donald Trump).

I don’t know who would take Alex Jones’ claim of sleeping with 150 women by age 16 seriously even after a few doses of Super Male Vitality, but the use of this as “evidence” against Jones being a “bad example” for his son is a subtle attack on male sexuality.

The Jewish media is interpreting this as a win for the Jews. You can only be a “kind-hearted, doting” and good father if you draw exactly within the political lines Jews put in place for you. Zionist-occupied America is a terrible place to be a man and a father.

I don’t like Jones’ traveling circus too much, but I genuinely feel for the guy. Maybe the theft of his half-Jew children will unshackle him and he’ll start talking about the world’s foremost problem.

He should invite David Duke back on to explain to him why he can’t see his kids anymore.