Alex Jones on David Duke Shape-Shifting: “If Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf is a 1, Duke is a 12″

Shalom Shekelberg
Israeli Jew News Time
August 24, 2015

Rob Jacobson provided Israeli Jew News Time with this screenshot of the Duke transformation.
Rob Jacobson provided Israeli Jew News Time with this screenshot of the Duke transformation.

Recently, Alex Jones invited Neo-Nazi White Supremacist David Duke on his program for a debate. Jones planned to get down to the issues, but things went south when Duke began shape-shifting into a wolf during commercial breaks.

Following a brief comment on the matter, Jones has been instructed by his Jewish producer Rob Jacobson not to discuss the matter further on air. However, when Israeli Jew News Time contacted Jacobson directly, he agreed to give Alex permission to talk to us (it didn’t hurt that Jacobson is the brother-in-law of IJNT’s publisher Shimon Yashuda).

I visited Jones at his ten million dollar Texas compound, and sat down for a frank discussion about David Duke’s ability to shape-shift into a wolf.

Shalom Shekelberg: So, start from the beginning.

Alex Jones: I talked to Duke before the show, and he was being all sweety-cutsie with me, so friendly, this whole fake thing he does that we now know is to cover up the fact that he’s a shape-shifter.

And just before we went live, I saw Duke’s eyes begin to shift. David Icke, who is a regular guest on my show and who I agree with on almost everything, has said that the first sign of a shape-shifter is in the eyes. And I asked Duke, I said “did your eyes just shift? I’m feeling a bit afraid.” And I’ll never forget, just before we went live Duke says to me “Calm down, Alex. Now is not the time for fear. That comes later.”

Alex Jones and David Icke are close collaborators.
Alex Jones and David Icke are close collaborators.

SS: And then during the first commercial break, he showed his true form, is that correct?

AJ: Yep. I think he knew he was losing the debate, and that I was going to prove that banks and the media are run by German Nazis and the Arabs, so he showed me his true form to put me off, so he could take control.

SS: Yes, Jacobson provided me with the screenshots.

AJ: This was a the first time I had ever witnessed a man transform into a wolf, and it was pure evil.

SS: So this wasn’t something like Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox?

AJ: This was a whole other level. If Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf is a 1, the Duke transformation was a 12. I mean, this was off the charts, folks.

"If Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf is a 1, the Duke transformation was a 12." -Alex Jones
“If Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf is a 1, the Duke transformation was a 12.” -Alex Jones

SS: How about the werewolves in the Twilight series?

AJ: Not even close. Look, folks, the only thing I can compare this to is the 1988 film “The Howling.” That is, in all honesty folks, the most hardcore werewolf film ever made. And even that doesn’t begin to portray what I witnessed.

SS: I like the way you keep calling me “folks” even though I am only one person. It really speaks to your intensity and integrity.

I have some powerful friends I met with last night who said that David Duke is a very powerful figure in London and was buying up major property there in the 70s. Do you believe the Warren Zevon song “Werewolves of London” was written about David Duke?

AJ: Look, I’ve got a lot of sources, folks, in high up places. Big players in Hollywood. I mean, big guys. Right at the top. And my sources indicate that Duke almost certainly had Warren Zevon murdered for writing that song about him. It was part of a high-level German pagan ritual.

SS: It’s terrifying. But hardly surprising for a man such as Duke, who is a neo-Nazi White Supremacist. I noticed that you tried to point out the fact that you have the documents that show that Hitler was funded by White Anglo-Saxons from New York as part of a conspiracy to cause divide and conquer.

At this point in the interview, Jones lumbered over to a series of metal filing cabinets he keeps in his living room and pulled out a six inch thick file labeled “proof that White Anglo-Saxons funded Hitler as part of a conspiracy.” I briefly perused the thousands of page and knew they were accurate and factual.

SS: But Duke didn’t give you the time to present these documents.

AJ: No, he used a politician tactic to avoid the question.

SS: Yes, he is a very polished politician. Presents himself well, to hide the pure evil of his true wolf form. Would you like to meet his tailor?

AJ: I wouldn’t trust his tailor as far as I could throw him.

SS: His tailor could be in on the rituals.

AJ: Look, folks, I don’t know if David Duke’s tailor is in on the rituals. But we need to ask questions as to why they are doing these rituals in the first place, and how it relates to the chemtrails and the fluoride in the water, the depopulation of Africa.

SS: During the interview, did you feel in charge?

AJ: I was doing my best to talk about the real issues – that the German death cult controls everything, how they’re working with the Saudis and the Chinese government and Bill Gates to do eugenics with vaccines in Africa, and how the cops are planning to kill us all in abandoned Wal-Marts to do eugenics because of the Georgia Guidestones. I wanted to get into the meat and potatoes of what’s really going on, and get into Duke’s opinion on chemtrails and crisis actors.

But David Duke is a big guy for me, and he hijacked the narrative, tried to blame the Jews because he stubbed his toe. It was all just Jews, Jews, Jews.

SS: You mentioned twice during the debate that you were getting a headache, and once that you felt nauseous. Do you think Duke could have been using a mind-beam on you? Something like HAARP?

AJ: I just follow the facts. We know they have these technologies they can use to read you mind with satellites. The cops have vans they drive around in neighborhoods with beams that can look through your walls so they can film you masturbating. I have the documents –

At this point Jones began to get up and move towards his filing cabinets, but I told him I was already aware of the conspiracy by the cops to drive around in vans and look through people’s walls to film them masturbating.

SS: Do you believe that Duke’s shape-shifting ability is magical, or is he a creature from another dimension?

AJ: Look, folks, I just go where the information leads me, and I personally witnessed David Duke shape-shift into a wolf. I don’t know if it was magic, or if he is a being from another dimension. I just stick to the facts.

SS: You mention often that Germans are trying to kill you. Because your wife, Rebecca Nichols, is Jewish, you and your family are de facto citizens of Israel. Do you ever consider relocating to Tel Aviv, as your safety is under constant threat from Germans?

Alex Jones' Jewish wife Rebecca Nichols
Alex Jones’ Jewish wife Rebecca Nichols

AJ: Look, I’m for America. I’m for the Constitution and freedom. I think we need lower taxes, we need to focus on stopping these rituals. I think Rand Paul can save us and stop these Illuminati rituals, stop the plan by the cops to kill us all in abandoned Wal-Marts for eugenics as part of a German ritual.

But I’m staying here in America, I’m going to go down with the ship fighting for free humanity because humanity is rising and the Germans know we’re winning. If things get too hot, I might move my family to Tel Aviv. Rebecca is looking into beachside property there. But, you know, Palestinian infants and toddlers are working with the Germans to try and take down free humanity through rituals. I have the documents. It’s all admitted. Hitler himself wrote about how he loved death, and how he felt a closeness to Palestinian toddlers and the Chinese government because they too knew the secret rituals.

So nowhere is safe, folks, not even a beachside condo in Tel Aviv. We have to rise up as free humanity and stop this German death cult which controls everything.


Rob Jacobson has confirmed that the David Duke interview will never be discussed again on the Alex Jones Show, so as the shape-shifter can’t gain control over free humanity. However, Neo-Nazi White Supremacists at the Daily Stormer continue to use their “Troll Army” to attempt to force Jones into another dangerous confrontation.


  1. Jones can be seen getting his “verbatim” from his ear piece and is pondering what he needs to repeat as the camera angle changes (around 7 minutes 30 seconds), why would he need someone anyway to think for him if it is his show? All he does in this video is try to patch all the chinks in his armour……only notice he cannot do that UNLESS Duke is not around LOL……a bit one sided imo.
    I cannot believe young Americans are so gullible, he is obviously a shekelbergerbulder!

  2. How the HELL can us oldies “RISE UP as free humanity” if AJ Inc. fails and his genius Bio-Science contacts cut off our supplies of Magik Penis Elixor?

  3. The only question about Duke in Matt Koehl’s mind was “Is he in it for anything more than the money?” Three or more years ago, Duke began a fund-raising campaign for his proposed “Illustrated Protocols of Zion.” Purportedly, he is still at work on this; certainly, he is still asking his followers for money to publish it.” Thinking it an excellent idea, even I donated $300 to help. But, at this late date, I really don’t expect ever to see it published.
    This has the stench of a money-making gimmick about it, and I really hope that I’m wrong.

  4. The Dukestaff wrote that on Stormfront:

    Posted by Duke Staff: Dr. David Duke and Rev. Mark Dankof discuss
    the thousands of copies and links of the Jones- suppressed Duke-Jones
    debate going up on Internet. (He has censored the video from his YouTube

    According to Google Web
    Search, when one puts in “David Duke” along with “Alex Jones” there is
    already over 170,000 individual links and discussions of it flooding the
    net and increasing every hour!

    The 170,000 links and discussion represent tens of
    millions of people who discussing and sharing the video that Jones and
    the Zio elite are desperate to suppress! The goal is to break
    video records and ultimately reach a billion views worldwide for this
    incredible debate which is two and half hours of complete exposure of
    the Jewish supremacy over the “New World Order!”

    John Martin, an Internet authority says the Jones-Duke debate is “an Internet Tsunami that continues to grow.”

    Today Dr. Duke and Rev.
    Dankof expose the true racist, supremacist power behind globalism and
    the New World Order. Don’t miss it, and share it. Ride the wave!

    This is another great show full of ideas and information.

    Click here and look for the show dated 8-24-15.

    Our show is aired live at 11 am replayed at ET 4pm Eastern and 4am Eastern time.

    seems the dailystormer develops into a dailytsunami.

  5. Armies of shape-shifting reptilian nazi pedophiles with nuclear weapons run the New World Order!

    What was that? Jews? Jews you say? Now that’s just crazy!

  6. “(it didn’t hurt that Jacobson is the brother-in-law of IJNT’s publisher Shimon Yashuda).”

  7. “Recently, Alex Jones invited Neo-Nazi White Supremacist David Duke”

    Way to play the Jewish Supremacist game. Duke isnt a White Supremacist, or, a Neo Nazi. He says he’s a Christian.

  8. The truth comes out.. praise the lord of darkness who lives in his underwater spaceship
    in Antarctica with escaped “Nazis” and their inter-galactic sex slaves..
    they be tricking us to blame the jews for shit they aint none ever done no how..
    I knowed it always and some, is why I gots tinfoil around muh head to keep them mind-control lasers out!

  9. You should stop masturbating to this. It’s getting embarrassing …

  10. Using mind-beam on you — heh

  11. David The Wolf Duke then used his super lycanthropic psychic powers to shear the cranial bones of Jones causing shooting headache pains with every mere utterance of the word…”Jew”.

  12. ” Something is happening here and do you not know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?” -Ballad of the ‘Fat’ Man-Bob Dylan

  13. when the kikes are ”offended” they shut it down….David Duke got bullied and you are too weak to even pass by to leave dislike on AJ channel….come on people the time has come,when someone walk on our toes now we respond and they have to feel it!

    the media had always been theyre own private garden with the brainwashed mass applauding when asked….now we can break that just by giving massive dislike and being vocal in the comment….once the dislike are massive,the sheeps being sheeps will dislike also,not because they understand,just because :trend!?,oh! i follow it the jews always teach me to do so.

    Andrew Anglin please say it! say its important…our dislike number are high but not massive enough to throw the sheeple into the bandwagon…to unleash the tsunami.I need your white help bro ….operation codename:spoil ze shekels

  14. …finally watched this debate. The impression I get is that Jones is giving thought to waking up and is now dipping his toe in the pool of race reality, just trying it out by letting someone else say the words…in case the “lizard people” come down on him like a house of bricks.

  15. That look on portly jonebergs face lol…”I really should pass on the cheese on my triple whopper super size” and icke is like “awww is just cheese awlex”

  16. He keeps digging a deeper hole for himself.

  17. How long has it been since Shalom Shekelberg of Israeli Jew News Time made a post? Last time I saw that name was back during the Ben Garrison saga.

  18. Half way through reading this I thought it was a Stormer parody. ‘I saw Duke’s eyes begin to shift.’ Where to I wondered. I noticed during the interview with DD that AJs mouth shifted. From his face to his arse.

    “Calm down, Alex. Now is not the time for fear. That comes later.” said Darth Vader to Alex. Who speaks like that? It sounds straight from a Hollywood script writer putting words to a ‘death camp’ commander.

    ‘This was a the first time I had ever witnessed a man transform into a wolf, and it was pure evil.’ This is so true that his great mate Rob even has screen shots. This is truly an earth shattering event. Lycans are proved to exist. Alex has proof. This is even better than Ickes lizards. Actual photographic proof of a transformation. The whole world should be shown this. The problem is that Hollywood haven’t had time to photoshop it yet.

    Let’s move on. Not only is this man a werewolf many people in the know have said it for a long time. There’s even a song written about it! You see, the werewolf has been buying property in London. Weather these investments are made solely for personal gain or on behalf of the whole lycan community is not really clear. In case your missing the point. Neo-Nazis are really werewolves. If you should doubt it some of the big players, I mean really big, no even bigger than that, no stupid, I’m Alex Jones these are so big you could not comprehend big, have confirmed what I’m telling you. The lycans were so pissed off they ritualistically had the song writer killed. These big, i mean really big etc. told me.

    ”At this point in the interview, Jones lumbered over to a series of metal filing cabinets he keeps in his living room and pulled out a six inch thick file labeled “proof that White Anglo-Saxons funded Hitler as part of a conspiracy.” I briefly perused the thousands of page and knew they were accurate and factual.” The Anglo-Saxons have covered it up for years. I know it’s true because my super-brain read every one of the thousands of pages that are proof.They have even made it illegal to even mention anything that disputes the belief that Anglo-Saxons are behind this. Look folks (that’s how genuine I am. I call everybody, even individuals, folks) I have proof that the President of the Fed is always an Anglo-Saxon.

    So FOLKS, let me summarise this interview for you. David Duke is a shape shifting, Neo-Nazi, white supremacist who turns into a werewolf. He is part of a Anglo-Saxon conspiracy that are really the Illuminati. Don’t worry though because despite the fact that these people are out to kill him, Alex is an all American boy. He might have the right to flee to Israel but the good old boy is staying. He’s going to defend you against the Anglo-Saxon shape shifting werewolves. Sounds completely sane to me.

  19. So Duke had weird supernatural effects coming across the feed during the breaks. So why doesn’t Jonestein make a video documenting his claims? Why? Because it never happened, just another pack of lies and excuses from the fat man. Credibility zero.

  20. On Aug 18, 2015 David Duke was interviewed for over two hours on Alex Jones’ site INFO WARS.


    Alex Jones has deep sixed the video, no doubt because it was unfavorable to him.

    This “debate” is of historic value in that it was the first time that Duke has been given a platform by Jones to explain the threat that organized jewry poses to humanity.

    As far as I know there is no transcript of this show available. So, I’m seeking volunteers to help in writing up the transcript.

    Please see this post for details:

    Alex Jones Debates David Duke 2015 08 18 Full Interview — TRANSCRIPT


    • I imagine Jacobson, Dykes, or whatever whomever would have foaming blood running out of their mouths attempting to transcribe Duke’s statements. If they managed to succeed a Mossad hit team would come knocking, or at the very least the Infowhores would be hit with a Jew ad and radio affiliate boycott

  21. The debate was one of most harrowing media events I’ve experienced and I’ve logged into everything from live riots, shootings, gassings, the Palestinian massacre, endless stand offs and shut downs, the Ukranian Jew coup, assorted bombings, daily nigger car chases, you name it…..
    But the messages I was getting when Duke went into full shape shifting “modus maritimus duco” my intuition went to 11 on a scale of ten. I could read directly into Duke’s wolfen spirit and it was…well, the only word that even comes close to describing what I saw is…evisceration.
    The images going on in Duke’s Nazi KKK brain had Jones’ body twitching involuntarily on the floor at Jacobson’s feet as his lower extremities were transformed into a kind of insipid gelatinous mass of what appeared to be cremated pink mystery meat oozing out onto the studio floor. While Jones gurgled incoherently on the floor, Jacobson cried out for mercy, “I really don’t know that much about Jews, I really don’t know that much about Jews, please have mercy Dr. Wolf, I mean Dr. Duke, I’m a good Jew.” Duke said something that went right over Jacobson’s head as the lights behind him began flickering wildly.
    Then the commercial break ended and everything switched back to normal (to the naked eye) and the sudden channeling intuition faded, but in the residue of the experience, the spirit of the wolf was still lurking in the shadows (I can attest to this because it was real in my mind), pacing back and forth restlessly as a wolf would do on a full moon night high on a hill top above a cache of chicken coops on a poultry farm.
    Jones was lucky to get out of there with his life and limbs intact. Lucky enough to see another day of penis juice profits, another day of virtual (un)reality.

  22. Man.. I was just listening to Alex Jones in the vidiyo above. He starts going on about bees dying and all these wacko stories obviously off the bait web. And like that’s meant to be more important than anything else. He’s suuuuch a friggen shonky bloke ha ha ha..

  23. Even a man who’s jewed
    And says his prayers at night
    Heebs won’t hear your prayers
    Duke becomes a wolf!

  24. Why not put his Power Level at 14, Alex, you jewed chode?

  25. Donald Trumpovitz

    This interview is supposed to get millions of hits according to Dee Dee. How this will be accomplished I do not know

  26. GermanNationalist

    Alex Jones has a lot of fans in Germany.
    This explains why the Enlightenment does not go ahead in Germany.
    Jones supports the self-hatred of the Germans on their own identity – he describes our ancestors as evil.

    • Don’t overestimate that turd, it’s a lot bigger than him, obviously.
      It’s pervasive enough here that by the time someone young first hears about AJ that person already is a good goy, anyway.

      But yeah, every kid he manages to sell his crap to is one too many. He needs to go.

      I just suppose this time it won’t be our job to name the Jew. Some other country will have to do it. *Maybe* then we’ll find the will and courage to get our country back.
      At this point our people don’t even know how and why all this is happening. Keep in mind that our backbone was broken thoroughly in ’45.

    • I can’t see how the German government would let that interview on air there. Isn’t it a jail able offense to say half what Duke did?
      Would love to have been around a crowd of Germans with that show playing to see the reaction.
      Wonder if it was a collective, “wait…what? We were right!? What in the hell…”

      • GermanNationalist

        Right, in Germany it is forbidden what Duke said in the interview.

        Nevertheless this interview should be translated into German.

        It is assumed that a translation would be banned by JewTube-Germany, but with a foreign proxy it’s still possible to watch – so called – illegal videos.

  27. Le Happy Merchant $$$

    Jew-Apologist Alex Jones was brutally Holocausted by truthful noble Aryan Dr. David Duke.

    David Duke: The White Race will be exterminated by the Jew if we don’t identify and attack the enemy.

  28. “Look folks…” Top Kek m8.

  29. Insane Moolie Loving Jew Oh no! Dr. Duke is a Werewulf!

  30. Storming the fight, crushing the kike
    He’s on the hunt after the Jew
    Mouth is alive with truths like wine
    And he’s hungry like the wolf

  31. I stole your wolf picture and made it the thumbnail for my youtube video =D

  32. “The beast! The beast is upon us oh God!”

  33. ” look folks I only follow the facts …”

  34. Here’s a tribute to David Duke from the 80’s:

    In the pale pale light, the pale pale light of the moonglow
    I’ve got a hunger that’s in motion, a hunger I can’t control
    I’m alone now, in my room again, on the prowl now
    Through your dreams again

    (Jews. Jews. Jews.)
    Since the world began!


  35. Duke murdered Zevon. lol!

  36. Alex Jones says he has a bad taste in his mouth, I’m betting it’s nigger semen from his enthusiastic bull prepping.

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