Alex Jones Press Conference Following Child Theft by Jew Wife!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2017

Yes, I get that Alex Jones’ kids are Jews, because their mother is a Jew. And I get that people have a point when they say “he should ditch the Jew kids too.” If we wanted to get all technical, she is actually only half Jewish, she is a quarter Jewish, but she is Jewish on her mother’s side. The reason Jews believe you to be a Jew only if you are on your mother’s side – and literally don’t care who the father is – is that they measure their race by a bloodline, rather than racial purity, and through the mother’s line is the only way to ensure the bloodline is kept (as obviously a woman can cuck a man).

For the record, the NSDAP did issue German Blood Certificates to some quarter Jews, which gave them full rights as Germans, including allowing them to marry full-blooded Germans.

I’m not saying this is or isn’t the correct way of dealing with things, however, it is worth pointing out that many people on the internet are a lot more hardcore than the Nazis with regards to this issue. Although I personally think the NSDAP race laws were too liberal, sometimes these discussions on the internet get a bit autistic.

I personally would not want quarter-Jewish children. However, in adult life, there are complicated human situations, and that is not the issue at hand here. So put that aside for a second.

The issues at hand are both men’s rights issues and political issues.

The fact that a court ruled that this white man, who is by all accounts a wealthy, good provider for his children, couldn’t keep his kids because of his politics – and the fact that he said he had sex with over 150 women by the time he was 16.

His wife is a confirmed mentally ill Jew, who abused the children. Jones was given sole custody originally, without asking for it, because his Jew wife was deemed unfit.

This is a serious, serious problem.

The case itself – the way it crosses between the media, the courts, feminism, right-wing politics and Jews – is extreme. It’s everything issue in our society rolled into one.

It is certainly the first time the Jewish media was able to steal a man’s children from him.

It’s an historic event.

He starts the press conference by talking about “I have the documents.”

Then he totally slams the media.

It’s very entertaining.

I thought he was going to say “JEW.”

He was in very good spirits for just having his kids taken from him (maybe he actually doesn’t like the children and just hates his Jewish wife, or was just taking care of them out of obligation because she’s insane).

I stand with Alex Jones.

He is basically the greatest entertainer of our age.

Black guy crashes the presser at 27:20 and becomes a co-interviewee.

All of those journalists are thinking: “They’re racially exactly the same as us, you know. They only act differently because of racism.”

Alex Jones got divorced in 2013-14 when we were doing Operation: Jew Wife.

I wonder if that’s what caused her to divorce him?

If so, we sure did the guy a favor and he should invite me on his show to talk about free speech.