Alex Jones Remains Silent on Golden Dawn Crackdown

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2013

Alex Jones: he just doesn't care.
Alex Jones is not going to save America.  Someone else is going to have to do it.

When we do a search of Alex Jones’ ‘Infowars‘ website for the term ‘Golden Dawn,’ we get three results, all of which are articles from 2012, which frame the party as “Neo-Nazis” who “threaten democracy.”

How interesting it is that Mr. Jones, who speaks incessantly about the importance of “freedom” and “patriotism” has chosen to remain completely silent, not simply on the meteoric rise of the party, but also on the Soviet-style shakedown of the Golden Dawn.  Even as the mainstream international media is keeping close tabs on the situation in Greece, with dozens of articles being posted every day at major English-language outlets, Jones has yet to utter the party’s name.

Though the Golden Dawn deals with many of the same issues Jones deals with – banker corruption, open-border chaos, abuses of power by the corporate elite, the collapse of the social order due to an abandoning of traditional morality, the increasing loss of both national sovereignty and personal liberty to an encroaching globalist world order and so on – they have a different methodology than him, so we wouldn’t expect him to necessarily come right out and support them – but surely, with all his talk of “police state oppression,” he would be somewhat interested in an event which represents the biggest instance of violent political repression in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  At least interested enough to mention it – right?

And yet, nothing.

This is the sound of silence.
This is the sound of silence.

This is, of course, because Alex Jones is a spineless shill, heavily tied into the Jewish criminal network through his Jewish sponsors (they are literally almost all Jewish), his Jewish network affiliates (I don’t know what percentage of these are Jewish, but his flagship station in Austin, KLBG is owned Emmis Communications, a company who’s president and CEO, Jeffrey Smulyan, is a Jew, and his satellite host, Sirius XM – through which he likely gets more listeners than on all of his other affiliates combined – hardly has a non-Jew working there), his Jewish celebrity supporters (which include Charlie Sheen, Howard Stern and Michael Savage) and, of course, his Jewish wife, Rebecca Nichols.

But it is more complicated than simply “he’s connected to the Jews” – we should always be weary of such oversimplifications.

Alex's Jewish wife, Rebecca Nichols, mother of his Jewish children.
Alex’s Jewish wife, Rebecca Nichols, mother of his Jewish children.

If Jones were to simply mention the Golden Dawn, his Jewish backers wouldn’t automatically shut him down.  He could easily say something like “ah, folks, you know, these guys, they call em neo-Nazis, cuz they’re, uh, standing up to the bankers a little too much and you know, taking some flak for it.  I don’t agree with all of their issues, but this raid on em, this is the New World Order police state comin down hard in the banker-run European Union of the globalist criminal cartel.”  He could easily have his British patriot for America, Paul Joseph Watson, write up a piece about the arrests – if for no other reason than that this is an unprecedented and historic event – and leave out all the any anti-Jewish bits, or even attack them for being anti-Jewish.

And yet, we hear not a peep.

The reason that Alex Jones will not, and cannot, talk about the Golden Dawn is because the Golden Dawn offers a solution to the problems we face, and this is something that the alternative movement in the United States simply cannot tolerate.  If Jones and his clones were to even make people aware of what is going on in Greece, this would come too close to risking their entire corrupt, capitalistic operation, which is based on presenting some real problems, along with some baseless conspiracy gibberish, mixing it all up with extremist sensationalism into a hyper-stimulating, fear-mongering mess and presenting no solutions at all beyond over-priced and mostly useless Jewish products you can buy.

Saving the World Isn’t Profitable

Any clever, honest and brave person who spends enough time looking at the situation in the world today comes to the same conclusion: the only solution to our problems is militant racial nationalism, organizing at the street level before attempting to capture political power.  It is eventually so obvious that you feel ashamed you didn’t see it earlier.  The job of the conspiracy/truth movement, the thrust of which is largely dictated by Alex Jones, is to keep you from getting to that place, sending you around in circles to chase ghosts while milking you for all you’re worth.  In even acknowledging the existence of the Golden Dawn, they would risking that their followers look into them, and thus begin to turn away from the monumental scam they are running.

If you have any doubts about this, just ask yourself this question: what has Alex Jones, with his millions of listeners, ever accomplished?

You could try to argue that he’s informed people, but informed people about what?  Chemtrails and secret eugenics-depopulation programs by shadowy groups of German satanists?  That the 9/11 attacks were done by George Bush, because he is a Freemason?  That the government has a secret plan to round up all of his listeners and put them in FEMA concentration camps as soon as they develop secret technologies that allow them to live forever?

If people follow Alex Jones, they swallow just as many distortions and outright lies as the people who follow the mainstream Jewish media, they just do so with more haughtiness and condescension, as they are encouraged to embrace the illusion that they are superior to the ‘sheeple’ who won’t ‘wake up.’

With millions of listeners, shouldn’t he have been able to get a law changed, or get someone who backs his platform into office?  Why does he not run for office himself?  Why does he not order his followers to systematically engage in productive activism aimed at changing things?  The only activism he constantly encourages is telling people to spread the word about his radio show and website.

Where is it supposed to be going?  What are his specific demands and goals?  How does he propose to accomplish these goals?  The answer is, he has no goals, and thus no plan as to how to accomplish them.  All he does is talk.

Meanwhile, the Golden Dawn is an elected political party which organizes massive protests, feeds the needy, gets youth active in their communities to make their nation a better place, and above all, offers a clear solution as to how, through an understandable process with set goals, they are going to save their nation.

Alex Jones and the entire truth movement are the precise opposite of the Golden Dawn.

But things are changing.  More and more, the White men of the old truth movement are discovering sites like this, and embracing the struggle for the existence of our race.  As things continue to get more extreme, larger numbers of people will seek real solutions, as the circle-talking of the old guard alternative movement becomes more and more ridiculous in the face of ever-escalating chaos.

My hope is that I can provide a platform for those leaving the truth movement to see that there is a solution, that we can save ourselves from impending doom, and all we need to do is get together and do it.

Hail Victory.