Alex Jones Responds to Antisemite Army in His Comments Section

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2014

Alex Jones is now compelled to post articles about the Jews, so as to stem criticism that he is controlled by his Jew wife and sponsors.
Alex Jones is now compelled to post articles about the Jews, so as to stem criticism that he is controlled by his Jew wife and sponsors.

Operation: Jew Wife continues unabated with unlimited IP addresses as goes into breakdown mode.

Finally, Alex posted an article about the Jews – in fact reposted it from a shill conservative website, Biz Pac Review. A piece about Netanyahu’s recent threats to the US government, the article was posted without comment, like, “uhhhh… yeah, big top story, the government of Israel directs the behavior of American politicians… moving on… how about this Ebola? It’s an Illuminati death cult eugenics plot to murder people for no reason, or because of satanism or whatever! Raaaaaaagggggrrrrrrhhhhh!  They’re comin fer ur guns!!!!!!!11111”

The comments on the article were so insanely pro-Jew, that going back and looking at them now, I can hardly even tell which ones are real and which ones are me trolling.  Granted, some of these are likely actual Jews commenting, but there is no way to know – paid Jew agents, Antisemite trolls and real Alex Jones followers all comment so similar that no one has any idea what is actually happening.

Non-satirical Stormer commenters (non-satire is also important) were so well represented, however, that Alex Jones himself had to come down off his high horse and respond.

Let’s watch.

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Stormers, take up your sword. Use proxies if necessary. Jones is already having to post more articles on the Jews. We must force his hand. Also, call into his show constantly and ask him about his Jew wife in relation to his support for Jew baby-murder.

Hail all those participating.  He is going to have to shut down the comments section.  It would take at least four or five people working full time to stop the flood.  And who can he hire to do that?  It would have to be people knowledgeable enough about the subject matter to determine who is a troll, and what if these people come out later and say “Alex Jones paid me to delete comments about his Jewish wife and failure to cover the Gaza massacre on Infowars.”

I have to believe that a majority of Jones followers probably do really care about the truth, they have just be sucked into his Jewish-dominated scam factory.

Again, just keep flooding the place.  The comments don’t have to be well thought through – though it is better if they are – the goal is an overwhelming amount of comments about his Jewish wife and obvious refusal to cover Jewish butchery.

It is going very well.

Basically, all of his comments sections look like this now (I am responsible for none of these posts):

» Gaza’s Future Unclear After Cease-Fire Ends Just Hours After it Began Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

I’m a little bit embarrassed that you guys are funnier than me.

My favorite part: “The Palestinians are building a rocket that can reach Texas.”  No doubt with concrete and cement provided to them by Israel.