Alex Jones Says Communist Chinese Weren’t Jews, Therefore, Nazis are to Blame

Julian Carmen
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2015

When in doubt, blame Hitler
When in doubt, blame Hitler

I opened up my trusty Alex Jones app the other day and was surprised to see that previous recorded shows were no longer available, and instead just the live feed. I downloaded another app and found the same thing happening. Apparently, Alex Jones has eliminated his old shows in an attempt to force his listeners to be subjected to penis pill commercials, since you can’t fast forward the live feed.

While this may draw more viewers to his live feed, it is an act of self-censorship of his old shows which can only hurt his bottom line. The trick is done most likely because people are skipping his Jew commercials.

So anyway, I clicked on the live feed, and heard Alex Jones talking about Jews.

I was genuinely surprised. Five years ago he would not have even said the word Jew. Jones famously asked one of his listeners “Why Zionist?” acting like the word Zionist wasn’t even in his vocabulary. (Listen at the 1:40 mark).

This occurred when a Bush heckler was on the Alex Jones show. He called George H. W. Bush a Zionist on camera at a local pizza place (Why Bush Sr. was at a local pizza place, I will never know), then Alex Jones asked him, “Why Zionist?” as if such a statement was totally foreign to him. Jones could not do his usual berating of his callers and then hang up on him, because he invited the Bush heckler on his show!

So now Alex Jones is forced to talk about Jews because of Netanyahu’s speech to congress. And that’s when I heard Jones say that because Chinese Communists were not Jews, you can’t hate Jews as a group. What Jones did not mention is that Communism was indeed started by Jews and that even Chinese communism was started by a Jew.

This incredible article was written by Arnold Leese, reprinted from Gothic Ripples No. 49, dated February 28th, 1949 and gives detailed information on all the Jews that started and ran Chinese Communism. One of the Jews mentioned is Edward Ezra, who ran the Shanghai Opium Monopoly until 1917. The fact that Jews were instrumental in the Chinese opium trade means that they had a firm grip on China well before Communism sprang up.

“British” Jews ran the Chinese Opium trade all throughout the 1800’s, what fool would assume they just left when Chinese Communism started?

Putin even remarked that 85% of the Bolshevik Revolution was Jewish

A Jewish ideology from the start, with Jews even behind Chinese Communism, yet Jones, the history buff, glosses over these facts. And rather than actually having someone like Dr. David Duke on his show to debate with him, or going into detail the facts of Chinese Communism, he just issues a blanket statement that Chinese people aren’t Jewish. Of course Jones won’t even discuss the Jewish issue out in the open.

Here we have a guest on the Alex Jones show cautiously stating that Zionism is the real political power, and that it is hard to even mention that on the Alex Jones Show. Jones then says, “We do now, but it doesn’t even do any good, it’s just, it’s just, you know, here we go,” Jones cuts off his incoherent ramblings and then saves himself by saying the show needs to start. What could this statement even mean? Talking about Zionism doesn’t even do any good? For who? That’s the real question.

Rather than discussing these facts and trying to disprove them (like an actual historian would, rather than what an “infowarrior historian” would do), he instead opts for a mainstream media talking point by saying that people who talk about Jews are pathetic for blaming a racial or religious group for all their problems. Jones then immediately blames all his problems on the Nazis.

Jones is now being forced to cover White genocide issues, and pretend to like White people (necessary, as 99.9% of his audience is White), and Paul Joseph Watson of all people is hitting Moslem rape gangs hard and calling out SJW’s for their antics. I’m so impressed with Watson lately that I won’t even make a lipstick joke (er, oops).

I wonder how long before Sherlock Jones fires Dr. Watson for being a little bit too truthful when it comes to racial issues.

So now Jones – who has a Jewish wife and Jewish children – has to at least talk about the Jews, which you can tell is for him like having his teeth pulled. After calling people pathetic for blaming their problems on Jews, he then blames his problems on Nazis. Jones isn’t even sure if Jews are a racial or religious group, since he says “people who blame a racial or religious group” – well, which is it? Of course Jews claim to be either racial or religious when it suits them, but none of this will be mentioned by Alex Jones; in his world of Justice, the only group you can blame are Nazis, which don’t even exist politically any more.

Jones then talks about how George Soros, a Jew, helped the Nazis to round up Jews for deportation. This is surprisingly true according to my research, and Soros even admits to this. So rather than Jones pointing out how Jews will gladly eat their own, he instead somehow uses this to prove that Jews aren’t really that bad.

He then mentions that Steve Pieczenik is a Jew who is angry at the Jewish lobby for their lies and deceptions. So rather than pointing out how even Jews understand the threat of Jewish power, Jones instead uses this as an example of why Jews are good people and are not really to blame. Then he talked about how an arm of the Rothschilds funded Hitler. Jones frequently mentions the Rothschilds, yet never highlights that maybe their Jewishness has something to do with their evil. He then surprisingly mentions that some of the Rothschilds were rounded up and imprisoned by Hitler and the Nazis.

So rather than wondering why Hitler would arrest the most prominent and powerful group in history, and perhaps come to the conclusion that maybe Hitler was fighting the same “New World Order” that Jones is fighting, instead, Jones uses this to somehow conclude that since Jews supported Nazis, and so it’s all the Nazis fault.

This is the pinnacle of the Alex Jones schizophrenia: He admits Jews supported Nazis but he can’t quite come to blame the Jews for this, it’s still only the Nazis fault. So when Jews support his number one enemy, the Nazis, he still finds no fault with them. And you can’t even say that Jones is simply trying to avoid generalities since he says all Nazis are bad.

This confusing image, which doesn’t even try to make sense, proudly bears the mark of Natural News, run by Alex Jones sidekick, Park Ranger Mike Adams. What it means I do not know, but hey, Swastikas in the O’s is enough proof I guess.

It is important to push back against this latest lie Jones is pushing about Chinese Communism not being Jewish. He is attempting to trick his new followers (99% of the time will be white people just learning about politics, and who in a couple of years will without a doubt be on our side) by claiming that Chinese Communism is not Jewish, when in fact it is Jewish.


This is the Alex Jones show March 3, 2015 where he talks about no Jews working with Mao. It happens around the 8:30 mark of the video. Here is an article refuting Jones’ claim that no Jews fought with Mao:

“Jews were behind the rise to power of Mao Tse Tung, the communist dictator of China, who tortured and murdered tens of millions of Chinese (mostly Christians) during his brutal reign. Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of China’s propaganda organ. Another Jew, Israel Epstein, was Mao’s Minister of Appropriations (Finance). Source: [2012 Book] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie