Alex Jones Says Obama is the New Hitler, He Likes Farrakhan Better Than Duke

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2015

In the above video, Alex Jones claims that Obama is the Black version of Hitler. He also claims that “White supremacists” are trying to shut down his YouTube channel, while complaining about him censoring them.

The clip features a call from a Black male. I guess the majority of Alex’s audience is probably now Black.

But how can they afford $500 bottles of penis juice?

This penis juice retails for  $899.70 - but Alex Jewns will give it to you for a mere $499.90! He is losing money on this deal, folks, but he cares personally about your virility!
This penis juice retails for $899.70 – but Alex Jewns will give it to you for a mere $499.90! That’s a total savings of $399.80! He is losing money on this deal, folks, but he cares personally about your sexual virility! This is not snake oil – it will actually literally make your penis bigger!

Anyway, this Obama-Hitler thing.

What does it mean?

The only similarity I can even manage to think up is that they both served as heads of state. That is where the similarities end. I mean, I guess Obama dresses well, as did Hitler.

Hitler dressed better,
Hitler dressed better,
but hey, Obama knows how to wear a suit. I can give him that.
but hey, Obama knows how to wear a suit. I can give him that.

The good news (I guess) is that apparently, besides the Blacks, no one other than shocked Nazis are watching these YouTube videos at this point.

All comments are pro-HItler and anti-Jew
All comments are pro-HItler and anti-Jew

Jones: I Agree More with Farrakhan Than Duke

In more news, as Infowars collapses, Alex came out and said that he agrees more with Louis Farrakhan than David Duke.

Here in this video, start at about 1:18:00:

For those who don’t know – presumably, most of you do – Farrakhan has, in recent months, taken to calling for Blacks to “stalk and kill” White people.

Christian Examiner
Christian Examiner

So Jones says he supports this guy, then says we’re the ones trying to start a race war? That kindly ol’ David Duke is a shape-shifting wolf?

Keep trolling this guy. He’s a lolcow. And he’s about to break.

I will be known as the man who broke the Fat.
We will be known as the man who broke the Fat.

Broke with the Jew Wife?

There is a theory that Jones may be flirting with anti-Semitism because he’s divorcing his Jew wife.

While I don’t think that is happening, because his connections to the Jews are so much deeper than his wife, it would be interesting to know.

I did a bit of internet detective work, and found that he transferred his house to his wife March 24th. On the same day, the ownership of the house was transferred to a trust, apparently. Someone who knows more than me about these things will know what that means. The wife and/or the trust is now selling the house.

Beautiful waterfront property on over 6 acres of land! Located at the end of a private drive, this home is loaded with amenities: a basketball court, sauna, outdoor dining area, private boat dock, stone fireplace, and spectacular views throughout. Gourmet kitchen includes stone countertops, viking range, and subzero refrigerator. Glastron boat included in the sale. Architectural design by Christopher Alexander.

It’s only $899,000. I’m thinking of buying it.

Last year, Alex removed power of attorney from the wife. Which generally implies things aren’t going well.

This is all Alex’s personal business, of course. Don’t mean to pry. I am concerned about politics, not people’s personal crap.

But maybe, just maybe, if the Jew wife Jews him over completely in a divorce, then maybe this will change his politics? Especially since he sees that he can’t possibly go on with this “Hitler is controlling everything to try to harm the Blacks” line.

Anyway, I just want to state this clearly:

If you jump ship, Alex, and stand up and fight these Jews, I will support you 100%.

All will be forgiven. Including whatever blackmail information they will release on you.

Clean slate.

None of it to ever be mentioned again.

And though you’ll lose your Jew sponsors, you’ll still have millions of dollars.

My arms are wide-open, Alex.
My arms are wide-open, Alex.

And think of it, Alex. You will go down in history as a hero, who turned against the dark side and joined the forces of light.

Remember this, Alex?

No one is irredeemable.
No one is irredeemable.


  1. We have the documents.

    For a year and a half, starting December 2013, there were legal ramblings going on between Alex Shill Jewns and his Jew wife. She was the one to file for the divorce. The divorce was done March 2015 and she extracted just under 3 million fear porn bucks plus the million dollar family home. There was probably quite a bit paid in legal fees, which had to be paid by Alex if the wife had proof of his infidelity with an infowar’s staff member.

    What did this personal turmoil mean and how did it translate for the infowar’s listener or infowar’s cult follower?
    The creation of and the consistent hard sell of an overpriced supplement line while watching Alex overdose and swig back eyedroppers full of over-priced, over-hyped special iodine….under the false fear porn propaganda that Fukushima radiation was going to fry people on the west coast in just a matter of months. Concern for the health of the public and listeners, I am sure was a distant afterthought and west coasters getting radiated just profit-motivated fear propaganda.

    This also means that Alex’s behavior concerning the David Duke interview had nothing to do with his wife’s jewish control over him as he had been long free of her. This means it is the other jews controlling his show and him from the jew top to the goy down. GCN is an affiliate of ABC, which is owned by Disney and a vast majority of sponsors are jewish.

    This is also why Alex had started having his son do broadcasts on the show. To protect his small mind and help cope that mommy and daddy were not going to be living together anymore because Alex could not remain faithful and had to get some strange on the side at work and fucked it all up. Had to do something for the boy to redeem himself…perhaps a cash bribe was in order there as well…or some hookers and some blow.
    Doesn’t makes sense if you have feds stalking you all the time, real threats against your life and you constantly talk about how your life is on the line while selling supplements, that you would now put your young child in the line of fire by having him on the show. But now it all makes sense.

    Ready yourself for the one million dollar money bomb. Does anyone know of any internet personality or site that has tried to raise a million bucks for itself for its own growth off the backs of its listeners while telling them they are about to experience the worst financial collapse in history?

  2. Please, could someone tell Alex Jones that combining cocaine usage with glue-sniffing does not improve brain performance?

  3. I really never understood the penis juice… but 900 dollars? WTF

  4. Ho ho ho! His precious documents will not help him now.

  5. Fathers Initiative

    I’m sorry, but where’s the part about him liking Farrakhan to David Duke?

  6. Cop a clue. Name the Jew.

  7. “It’s only $899,000. I’m thinking of buying it.”

    Hell yeah I”ll bring a few kegs to break ‘er in!

  8. Farrakan quotes–

    “[U]ntil Jews apologize for their hand in that ugly slave trade; and until the Jewish rabbis and the Talmudic scholars that made up the Hamitic myth — that we were the children of Ham, doomed and cursed to be hewers of wood and drawers of water — apologize, then I have nothing to apologize for.”

    Interview in Swing magazine, 9/24/96

    “How did I get to be an anti-Semite…What have I done? I told the truth about Jewish involvement in the slave trade. Your own writers say the same thing. Well, if they’re not anti-Semitic for writing it, how the hell am I anti-Semitic for reading what they wrote
    and then saying it?…I didn’t write your history, you wrote it. And then the sad thing, when you confront them with what their scholars have said, they say, ‘Well is this part of the old conspiracy talk?'”

    Mosque Maryam, Chicago, 3/19/95

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