Alex Jones Demands a Million Dollars to Convince 400 Million Goyim That Jews Don’t Run Anything

Daily Stormer
September 1, 2015

The Alex Jones disinformation operation is in total disarray.  After being widely condemned for intentionally censoring the interview he did with Dr. David Duke, it appears as if his own audience is turning against him in a big way.

During the interview, Dr. Duke successfully articulated the issue of Jewish supremacy in such an effective manner that all Jones could do in response was complain about being nauseous and having headaches.  The interview which has since been referred to many as the “Jonestown Massacre” has clearly been of great embarrassment to Jones resulting in his widespread condemnation across the Internet.  In fact, history may prove it to be a pivotal event that leads to the downfall and bankruptcy of his corrupt Jew shilling media enterprise.

As crazy as all that was, things are getting even crazier at the Central Tel Aviv Command Center.  In what appears to be an act of a very desperate and sad man, Jones has released a new video on his JewTube channel begging his audience for a million dollars during an upcoming money bomb telethon he is planning.

Comically, the video opens with footage of Adolf Hitler as scary music is played in the background.

Jones needs your shekels to stop another Holocaust.
Jones needs your shekels to stop another Holocaust.

Apparently this is supposed to let the viewer know how serious the situation is considering that Jews have falsely told us over and over again that the “Nazis” gassed 60 trillion of them.  Jones goes on to claim that he needs his audience to donate all this money to him so that he can awaken 400 million people and get his horrible show on cable and satellite television.  I honestly have no idea how he intends to awaken anyone to anything considering that he refuses to talk seriously about the issue of Jews controlling many of the West’s most important institutions.  Even worse is the fact that he has purposefully hidden his own interview that he did with a man exposing this very critical issue.  This means that Jones is basically trying to raise money so he can continue pushing his fake narrative and make people believe that the subject of Jewish supremacy is somehow not important.

Nothing to see here, goyim.
Nothing to see here, goyim.

Jones claims that this money bomb will be used to beef up his infrastructure, but most likely this is a last ditch attempt to save his company from serious financial trouble.  After all, this man has been relying upon selling magic erection formulas and overpriced “1776” belt buckles to continue putting out his horrific brand of disinformation.  How much longer can this last considering how bad the economy is right now?  Most people can barely afford the basic essentials and will not be buying high priced bottles of dick juice in great quantities.

"Come on man. I've got a family to feed."
“Come on man. I’ve got a family to feed.”

There’s probably much more I could say on this subject but I’ll conclude by encouraging you the reader to watch the video.  It speaks for itself and at the same time is worth a good laugh.  I would also encourage everyone to escalate the trolling against Jones in order to expose this fat con man as the lying fraud that he is.

We need to do everything in our power to ensure that his phony scam telethon fails.  This man is a traitor and he should be treated accordingly.

Current top comments on Alex Jones' "money bomb" video.
Current top comments on Alex Jones’ “money bomb” video.