Alleged Scientists Allege They Figured Out Who Built Stonehenge (Reaaaaal Hoaxy)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2018

Here you may witness more bullshit from bullshit incorporated.

Stonehenge, like all great stone monuments across the planet, were built by an ancient Aryan Hyperborean-Atlantian people who ruled the world tens of thousands or possibly hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The pyramids at Giza could be a million years old.

They just come out with these gibberish hoaxes every few years to dazzle the goyim. To try to get them to further disconnect from  their own history, which is becoming increasingly hard to deny due to new archeological discoveries.


Scientists say that cremated remains may hold the key to unlocking the truth behind England’s greatest mystery: who built Stonehenge?

New studies on the cremated remains of 25 Neolithic people buried at the site show that nearly half of them lived nowhere near the now world-famous monument.

A team from University of Oxford analysed the 25 skull bones, discovering that ten of those cremated originated from western Britain. Five of the ten were potentially from southwest Wales; the same area from which the bluestones that made the monument’s original structure originated from.

The other 15 people appear to be local to the Wiltshire and Stonehenge area.

The new discovery is thanks to groundbreaking research led by Belgian scientist Dr Christophe Snoeck. Previously, it was thought that place-of-origin tests on burned bone was not possible – but Snoeck’s research proves otherwise.

“The recent discovery that some biological information survives the high temperatures reached during cremation (up to 1000 degrees Celsius) offered us the exciting possibility to finally study the origin of those buried at Stonehenge,” he said.

Okay, so you found some bodies.

What does this have to do with anything?

Did you figure out how they built it?

The findings, revealed in Thursday’s Scientific Reports, do not reveal how the bluestones that make the original Stonehenge structure stones travelled more than 200km from Western Wales to the site near modern day Amesbury. 

No, of course not.

No one has been able to explain how in the living fuck primitive people would move rocks this size 200km, or even how they possibly could have stacked them with the technologies they are alleging these people had.

They don’t even try to explain this.

So what are these “findings”?

Of course there were all sorts of relatively recent cults surrounding these monuments. Burying bodies there on sacred ground.

Why would they not do that?

That in no way implies they built them. It just means they held them sacred.

Cambodians bury bodies of holy men still near Angkor Wat. That doesn’t mean they built it.

All of these global megalithic stone structures were built by an advanced pre-historic Hyperborean civilization that spanned the entire globe and ruled over the brown races as slaves.


That is the history.

Here’s another quite interesting discovery this week.

Or should I say an actual interesting discovery, because dating burned bodies near Stonehenge is not at all interesting to me.


New research from an international team of physicists has revealed that the Great Pyramid of Giza may be able to focus electromagnetic energy through its hidden chambers and under its base.

Scientists at Itmo University in Russia and Germany’s Laser Zentrum Hannover applied methods of theoretical physics to investigate the electromagnetic response of the ancient Egyptian pyramid to radio waves.

Their calculations predicted that in a resonant state the pyramid could concentrare electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers as well as under its base, where the third unfinished chamber is located.


I wonder why the pyramids would be creating electromagnetic energy focus beams inside of secret chambers that no one is even allowed to investigate?

It seems to me the most likely explanation is that absolutely everything that the mainstream establishment is telling us about human history is a filthy kike lie.

What would ancient stone age niggers being doing with a gigantic electromagnetic energy machine that for some reason is aligned exactly with the Belt of Orion and the earth’s poles, using math that wasn’t available to modern man until like 100 years ago?

Could it be that there is not simply a war on our bodies, but a war on our souls, by a satanic force? And that they gain power by suppressing our ancient identity?

Why is Rupert Sheldrake banned from TED?

Why is Graham Hancock banned from TED?

We are in a fake reality, created by kikes.

In order to win the war against the kike, we are going to have to come to terms with real reality.