Allies in the War Against Whitey: Jews Welcome Anti-Semitic Moslems to Congress

Diversity Macht Frei
August 22, 2018

Whenever you point out to a brainwashed “Free Tommy” Counterjihadi that Jews are facilitating the islamisation of the western world, and have worked with Muslims against us throughout history, their usual response is: “Doesn’t make sense, guv, Muslims are anti-Semitic and they hate Israel.”

But here in this article from the Jewish Daily Forward, we see a full exposition of the Jewish thought process on this issue.

The author, Carly Pildis, “an organizing and advocacy professional living in Washington, DC.”, welcomes the expected arrival of Muslim women in Congress.

Seeing the victories of Sharice Davids and Christine Hallquist, who would be the first Native American in congress and first transgender governor respectively, brought me a heady feeling, as did the victory of Rashida Tlabib, who is running unopposed in Michigan and will almost certainly be the first Muslim woman and first Palestinian in Congress. She is joined by Ilhan Omar, the first Somali American to become a legislator in 2016, now the nominee for Minnesota’s 5th district and heavily favored to win.

I felt such joy when I realized that we are likely to welcome not one but two Muslim congresswoman in 2019.

She acknowledges they have made anti-Israel and anti-Semitic remarks.

That potent high soon turned to doubt and fear for myself and many members of the Jewish community when Omar referred to the “Apartheid Israeli regime,” and Tlaib promised to vote to end aid to Israel.

…the unfounded accusation of Apartheid does nothing to create an environment in which forward motion on peace and justice is possible. Even worse, the accusation that Israel has “hypnotized the world” — something Omar tweeted in 2012 — smacks of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. This trope of Jewish manipulation is common in white supremacist movements and should never be uttered by a candidate for office on either side of the aisle.

Why, then, does the Jewess welcome these Muslims? Because it helps the Jews to beat down Whitey some more.

Despite their comments on Israel, any victory that challenges the status quo of a predominantly white and upper class congress is ultimately good for America and good for American Jews.

Beating down Whitey is the most important thing. Besides, the Jews are confident they will be able to work their magic on the new arrivals, “hypnotize” them you might even say.

We Jews should celebrate this victory for American multiculturalism, and engage in pro-Israel advocacy with these candidates just as we would any candidate. If you want Omar to see that Israel is not an Apartheid state, go to her next town hall and make your case. If you are upset that Tlabib would vote against military aid to Israel, set up a lobby meeting with her staff and share stories of how the Iron Dome saves lives.

Build relationships. Try to move the needle in a civil and strategic way. Our community has been enormously successful in mobilizing political support for Israel. We have nothing to fear from welcoming new members of congress, regardless of where they are from or who how worship.

We simply have work to do, the same work we have done since the 1940s.


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