Amazon Cashes in on Broke Millennial Market with Cheap Tin Shack Deal!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2019

Nobody is buying the Boomers’ crapshacks in America because they are too expensive and everyone is just too damn poor.

Amazon has a solution though: the Bezos Box.

Zero Hedge:

Tiny homes are popular with millennials since their standard of living has collapsed. All thanks to insurmountable student loans, no savings, and gig-economy jobs that don’t pay the bills.

Wzhgroup, a Chinese builder of container homes, has recently become a merchant on Amazon where they can ship a tiny, expandable container home within 3 to 5 weeks for a low price of $23,800 plus $1,000 shipping.

Here’s the listing on Amazon:

What baffles me is how Boomer McMansions cost what they do when they’re basically made out of the same cheap material that these tin shacks are made out of.

Maybe not tin, but the walls are made out of this woodchip and glue mix that keeps in the damp and no doubt causes cancer somehow.

Once you hook up your tin shack to the electric grid and get the water situation figured out, it will definitely be infinitely more affordable for the average Millennial.

This one particular model caught my eye.

A Commuter Home!

Not a trailer home, mind you. Those are for White trash proles who hate minorities.

Millennials aren’t about that life.

That is to say – they can’t even afford double-wides and shotguns, so they need to buy cuck shacks on Amazon. Which… I don’t even know whether these shacks will solve any problems when you consider the fact that you still need to put them somewhere. Where will they even put them?

Will we have squatter camps and impromptu Hoovervilles again?

Because it seems like this is where we’re heading unless someone steps in and helps the Millennials out.

Go to any Third World country and you will see illegal tin shack squatter neighborhoods all around the cities. They exist because there is no work outside of the cities, but not enough work/pay in the cities to afford anything better.

We will probably see sprawling favelas in America in our lifetimes.