America is Struggling to Deal With the Black Mass Wilding Phenomenon

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2019

For a while, black people were content with killing one another, robbing Jewish pawn shops and harassing rooftop Koreans.

Sadly, those days have come to an end.

They have now switched into marauding mode and are hitting up traditionally wypipo areas now to get more loot and cause more mayhem.

Chicago Tribune:

More arrests were made Sunday evening when teens gathered again in downtown Chicago, with fights breaking out and criminal charges filed.

More than 30 teenagers were arrested when fights broke out Wednesday night as hundreds of students and about 200 officers filled the Loop’s streets.

For about a decade, Chicago police have periodically dealt with large crowds of teens who gather in the downtown area as weather warms up to spend time at spots along the lakefront, Water Tower Place and Millennium Park.

This phenomenon is almost 100% correlated with the rise of smartphone use in black communities.

Using group chats, these urban youths decide to “flash mob” a certain area in a traditional white person part of town at a certain time.

You could be walking along, enjoying the storefronts and decorative abstract art sculptures when all of a sudden the streets go from being predominantly White and middle-aged to Black and teenaged.  After the blacks start some fights and break some stuff, the police units swoop in and start grabbing them by the dozens.

This does not do much to deter the behavior though, because almost all of these arrested youths are released within 24 hours and it’s just a way for them to get a ride back home without calling for an Uber or riding the bus like a pleb.

Catch and release programs like this do nothing to curb the growth of the feral nigger population and its encroachment on what was before that, solidly SWPL territory. Furthermore, smartphones and WiFi at Popeye’s has made it possible for large groups of blacks to converge on a single nice spot in the city in a coordinated way that they were historically simply unable to pull off before the ObamaPhones program kicked into high gear.

As many of you know, in a bid to shore up his street popularity and real nigga status, Obama made sure that every single Black person in America was given a free smartphone by the middle of his second term in office. Armed with technology that only Europeans had access to prior to that moment, the black youth suddenly found that they could project power like never before.

We live in dangerous times now. 

Another nigger wilding is always right around the corner whenever the weed and EBT runs low.

And nothing can stop it.

This is hit and run urban Gorilla warfare we’re dealing with here folks.

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