American Citizen ISIS Bitch is Just as Entitled as British Citizen ISIS Bitch

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2019

This really is deja vu all over again.

USA Today:

A federal court on Monday will begin hearing the case of Hoda Muthana, a woman who secretly fled Alabama in 2014 to marry an Islamic State fighter in Syria and is now seeking to return to the United States with her 18-month-old son.

The Trump administration has barred Muthana, 24, and her son from returning to the U.S., contesting her claim to U.S. citizenship in a move that, if successful, could have serious and far-reaching implications for American citizens all over the world.

Her father, Ahmed Ali Muthana, a former diplomat at the United Nations for Yemen who is a naturalized U.S. citizen, filed the lawsuit earlier this month seeking to overturn the Trump administration’s characterization of her as someone who was never an American citizen in the first place, thus denying her right to re-enter the country.

Muthana joined the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, after telling her parents she was going to Atlanta as part of a field trip connected with her studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Instead, she withdrew from college and used her tuition reimbursement to purchase a plane ticket to Turkey. She traveled from there to Syria.

In Syria, she twice married ISIS fighters who later died in combat. In December of last year, she fled to a refugee camp, as ISIS lost control of its territory in Syria and Iraq. Muthana is thought to be one of only two Americans of an estimated 1,500 foreign women and children being held at the al-Houl refugee camp in northeast Syria.

This bitch’s interview demanding to come “home” to America and have her life restored to her after living with ISIS for years and having a kid is virtually identical to the ISIS bitch who did the exact same thing to the British.

Here’s the other bitch, for reference.

They are both demanding a right to go to a Western country that they fled to join a terrorist organization because the terrorist organization lost and they have babies that they want white people to pay for.

The only real difference is that the first one is Arab instead of Bangladeshi, so she’s a little bit savvier and doesn’t come right out and say that she still supports ISIS and that white people should feel bad for her. But otherwise, it’s like they were both coached by someone who told them “don’t act like you owe them anything – it’s them who owe you!”

I mean, seriously. If I was a refugee in a camp after my terrorist group was defeated and I was trying to get back to a Western country and live on welfare forever, I would at least put on a show of “OMG I’m so sorry!!!!111”

Women are very, very good at making people feel bad for them. Especially women with children. But somehow both of these bitches are going up there and talking about how white people owe them.

I feel like boomers have abused the word “entitled” to the point where it no longer means what it is supposed to mean. It doesn’t mean that you get tricked by the school system into taking out student loans on a worthless degree and then complain when you’re a Starbucks barista with $100,000 in debt. It specifically means arrogantly acting like someone owes you something that they don’t owe you while acting indignant that anyone would even question your right to that something.

That is to say, “entitled behavior” is almost an exclusive behavior of brown people, Jews and women.

The Narratives on This Issue are Retarded

Trump is attempting to inject a better narrative on the issue of ISIS returnees, but the general conservative narrative – and the one used by all British media – is nonsensical.

They are claiming that these women are a security threat. Pretty much, no one actually believes that. The chances of these women committing terrorist attacks are very low, because the chances of women in general committing terrorist attacks are almost zero. And everyone is aware of that fact. So when you frame the discussion in those terms, you’ve already lost.

They are also suggesting this is an issue of these women breaking the law by providing material support to terrorists. Apparently, their vaginas are the “material” in “material support.”

The response from the left is just “well, they weren’t actually terrorists themselves, they just went to have sex with terrorists.” And that is clearly true.

The reason that they are running with this narrative is that anything else comes too close to “racism.” You can’t call them “traitors,” because that implies that devout Moslems are not loyal to Western White nations. Of course, everyone knows that devout Moslems are not loyal to Western White nations, but conservatives have decided to go along with the Jewish line that anyone can be loyal to our countries as long as they… I don’t actually even know what the requirement is. I think they just have to have lived in our countries for a certain period of time, eaten cheeseburgers, watched Netflix and shopped at Walmart.

If conservatives had any desire to put up any kind of fight at all against the Jews, they would be using these cases as an indictment of the entire concept of Islamic immigration. These people can be born and raised in your country by ostensibly “moderate” parents, and all of the sudden up and go join a terrorist group – and only quit when the terrorist group loses.

Any group that is prone to that behavior is incompatible, regardless of anything to do with race.

The biggest problem with “a nation of ideas” is that no one has any idea what these ideas actually are. That’s how you know that the whole thing is a complete hoax, simply meant to destroy America (and other white countries which are now claiming to be ideas and not people).

“[America] is the only nation founded on an idea, not an identity.” -Paul Ryan

If there was some list of the ideas you have to believe in in order to be American, the concept could at least be taken seriously and discussed on its merits. But there is no list. There is no definition of any kind of what values you have to believe in to be considered American by the government.

If we were actually a “nation of ideas,” these ideas would be enforced in a cultlike fashion – that is, there would have to be a system akin to religious theocracy – because that would be the only way such a nation could sustain itself. Instead, the brown people have their own political party which disagrees with all of the ideas of the native population of America.

“Nation of ideas” is just an anti-white canard.