American Woman Not Allowed to Leave Saudi Arabia After Marrying Saudi Businessman

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2019

Stock photo of women showing too much skin.

Western women keep traveling to countries with very different cultures and they keep getting surprised when those cultures don’t give them the freedoms they enjoy in the West, or worse.

It’s almost as if these whores were incapable of appreciating everything men in the West have given them.

Fox News:

An American teacher who lived in Saudi Arabia with her husband is now effectively trapped in the kingdom after her marriage fell apart thanks to the country’s draconian guardianship laws that grant men power over women’s movements.

Bethany Vierra, who is originally from Washington state and taught at a women’s university thought she had met the man of her dreams in 2011, when friends had introduced her to a Saudi businessman who seemed kind, generous and supportive. Two years after they met, they married in Portugal and would go on to have a daughter named Zaina.

But things between the happy couple took a turn and Vierra wanted out. She would soon realize that getting a divorce in Saudi Arabia and trying to come home is a lot harder than anyone would have anticipated.

It’s evident that she didn’t research Saudi Arabia’s laws and culture before moving there.

Women are retards.

Even if they have a high IQ, they can’t really use it because they’re ruled by emotion, feelings, desires, and whims.

Her sister Nicole Carroll told The New York Times that Vierra is stuck in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom’s guardianship laws, which give men power over women, prevent her from using her bank account, leaving the country, traveling with her daughter or seeking legal help.

She is completely stuck,” Carroll said. “She is out of options.”

Saudi Arabia’s restrictions on women aren’t new – but they are severe.

Under the guardianship system, Saudi women are giving a legal status similar to that of a child. Women must have a male “guardian” with them whose permission they need in order to obtain a passport or even receive certain medical procedures. Male guardians can grant or deny permission to travel through a government app and can even be notified when any woman they have oversight over passes through the airport.

Men in Saudi Arabia even have an official government app to manage their wives. It’s pretty cool.

Vierra is now divorced. But her ex-husband has let her residency expire and therefore she is unable to access her bank account or get authority to leave the country.

In December, Vierra’s ex refused to allow her and Zaina to travel to the United States for Christmas and family members worry she’ll never be able to get out.

She has no recourse,” Carroll said. “Everyone keeps asking: ‘What next? What next?’ But there is no what next.”

She’s right. There is nothing else for her to do but to surrender to the might of the patriarchy.

The worst thing about this is not that the whore from this story will likely die in Saudi Arabia, but that women read stuff like this and they don’t think “oh, we have it so good here in the West, maybe we should be grateful to our men for that.”

Front-holes are incapable of realizing that they have it good here in the West thanks to Western men. They are incapable of realizing the comfort they enjoy is thanks to men.

This is part of the reason why being good to women is pointless; they are incapable of appreciating it. In fact, if you’re good to women, they’ll see you as an inferior being that tries to please them.

Remember, women are tools, and you shouldn’t please your tools. Tools should please you.

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