An “Occupational Necessity”: Concealed Carry Saves Life of 39-year-old Janitor Attacked by Three Blacks in Milwaukee

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March 17, 2014

The right to bear arms.

Without it, would there be any reason to live in America?


Three blacks attack 39-year-old janitor in Milwaukee (who concealed carry as an "occupational necessity"), hitting him repeatedly with a baseball bat; guns don't only save lives, they help make Milwaukee a safer place in the long run...
Three blacks attack 39-year-old janitor in Milwaukee (who concealed carry as an “occupational necessity”), hitting him repeatedly with a baseball bat; guns don’t only save lives, they help make Milwaukee a safer place in the long run…

Consider the story of 39-year-old Jeremy Rossetto, a janitor/maintenance worker in Milwaukee.

He has a concealed carry permit and keeps a .40 caliber gun on him at all times because he considers it an “occupational necessity” for his line of work in the 40 percent black city of Milwaukee.

He keeps a gun on him at all times – remember, it’s an “occupational necessity”- for the type of incident he just found himself in, where three blacks (two of them teenagers who had a child together…) attacked him with a baseball bat. [Maintenance worker who shot teens has concealed carry permit, Fox 6 Milwaukee, 3-13-14]:

FOX6 News is learning more after two teens were shot to death on Milwaukee’s north side on Wednesday afternoon, March 12th. Milwaukee police say a 39-year-old maintenance worker is in custody at the Milwaukee County Jail in connection with the shooting. But could this be a case of self-defense?

A 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old girl were shot and killed in an apartment building near 27th and Vliet on Wednesday afternoon. The shooting reportedly occurred after some sort of argument.

Milwaukee police on Thursday identified the 19-year-old and 17-year-old. The 19-year-old is identified as James Bell, Jr. The 17-year-old is identified as Anmarie Miller.

Family members tell FOX6 News the two were a couple, who had young children together.

“She has two babies and it`s just — she wont be there now. We will help support those children. I lost a family member, and that’s all my concern is right now,” Miller’s cousin, David Guerrero said.

“He wasn’t a bad kid. It’s just — everybody makes bad decisions in their life. Things don’t go as planned. I wish the outcome would’ve been better,” Devonte Coleman, a friend of Bell’s said.

A representative from the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office says the case is under review by their homicide unit — but there is no word yet about possible charges.

Meanwhile, a vigil was held at the scene Thursday evening in honor of the teens who were shot and killed.

At the door to the apartments where the shooting occurred on Wednesday, on Thursday, Bob Braun talked with FOX6 News about his friend, who is now behind bars.

“I know him to be a peaceful person. He’s lived and worked in the inner city for 10 years as a maintenance man,” Braun said.

Since he hasn’t been charged in the case, FOX6 News is not naming the maintenance worker, but police say he was changing the locks at the apartment building near 27th and Vliet when he and the teens began to argue.

Investigators say the teens, along with a 20-year-old man, held the maintenance worker down and beat him with a baseball bat.

“Apparently, these people were mad that a friend of theirs was getting evicted.  They thought – apparently – that he was the manager,” Braun said.

That’s when police say the maintenance man pulled out a gun and shot the 19-year-old and 17-year-old.

Braun believes the shooting was in self-defense.

FOX6 News has learned the maintenance man has a concealed carry permit and was in legal possession of the gun.

Devonte Coleman “wishes” the outcome of this 3-on-1 assault would have been different; does he mean Jeremy Rossetto’s head split open from one fatal strike of a baseball bat?

Anmarie Miller, one of his attackers, was a 17-year-old black female with two children. What was she doing engaging in an assault on a janitor? Is the fear of a teenage black females – not just males – the reason why Rossetto considered working as a janitor in Milwaukee and carrying a concealed gun an “occupational necessity?” [Police name teens killed in double shooting, 620 WTMJ, 3-14-14]:

A peaceful hymn echoes as dozens gather at 27th and Vliet. Friends and family of 17-year-old Anmarie Miller reflect.

“Just want to know some answer,” says David Guerro, Miller’s cousin. “Really sad, 17 years old, a bright future.”

And those of 19-year-old James Bell are still in shock.

“I loved them with all of me, and it hurts dearly,” says Devonte Coleman, friends with Bell.

Exactly why Bell, Miller, and Clarence Alls came to this apartment is unclear.

“We haven’t been able to get the story from the detectives as to what the story really is,” John Reed, Miller’s cousin, explains. “So as of now we’re in the dark.”

Police say once inside the hallway, they had a violent interaction with the maintenance man. Our police sources confirm words were exchanged, and then a fight started.

Sources say Bell put the worker in a bear hug and started to choke him. Miller grabbed a small baseball bat and started to hit the worker. Police say Alls punched him, as well.

That’s when sources say the man removed a .40 caliber gun from his holster and shot Bell, then Miller, in the chest, killing them both.

Miller leaves behind two young children, including one with Bell. Her family insists this wasn’t in her character.

“You can’t call her an animal,” Reed says. “You can’t call her a ghetto this and that. It’s not what she deserves.”

Yes, it was she deserves. She attacked a man, with two other black males; it is her people who have made carrying a concealed gun an “occupational necessity” in 40 percent black Milwuakee.

And, yes, you can call her a “ghetto this and that.” After all, the environment she was born into and helped sustain is a ghetto, a reflection of her genetic capabilities.

An “occupational necessity” to carry a concealed gun in Milwaukee… how does this statement reflect on the type of conditions blacks create in their neighborhoods/communities? [Janitor in fatal shooting of two Milwaukee teens has gun permit, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3-14-14]

Social capital is never present in any black community, for carrying a concealed weapon is an “occupational necessity” for performing ones job in this type of neighborhood.

With America’s continued regression to the mean, carrying a weapon will become a “territorial necessity” as well as a “life-sustaining necessity.”

The right to bear arms. Were Mr. Rossetto not allowed the right the carry a weapon, he’d probably be dead now. Then again, that seems to be the outcome Devonte Coleman wanted…