An Open Letter to Nathan Phillips

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2019

Dear Mr. Phillips,

We showed up and you attacked us and we won a war. 

Your ancestors surrendered and gave up and went to drink themselves to death on reservations. 

You were given your own land, and it is nothing but bars and cigarette shops and casinos and meth labs, and no one cares. 

You and your people could have done whatever you wanted on this sovereign land, and you chose suicide and then came to us and whined about your decision. 

We don’t care, and your lives are not our responsibility or our problem. 

Most people would have slaughtered their enemies, instead we gave you land, and instead of showing appreciation you have continued to cry like stupid babies. 

You should stop. 

You should have a drink, and shut your fucking mouth. 

Your weird, whiny harassment agenda is clearly not helping to make America great again. 

Please stop bothering us, you stinking savage subhuman fuck. 

Thanks again,

Andrew Anglin