Anal Lunatic Buttigieg Attacked by Other Faggots for Associating with Christians

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2019

Apparently, even Mayor Pete – who is only 37 years old – didn’t know how far the faggot community was going to go in just a couple of years’ time.

He’s being attacked for being photographed with Christians in 2017.

The Hill:

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is facing criticism online from some members of the LGBTQ+ community and gay rights advocates after images of the South Bend, Ind., mayor volunteering with the Salvation Army resurfaced online Tuesday.

LGBTQ+ publication “Out” published a story Tuesday with some of the critical tweets, which spurred more pushback from some activists who called out the Democrat for volunteering with an organization that has a history of opposing gay rights.

“I know the photos are two years old, but still, I can’t help but wonder if Mayor Pete just looks at what LGBTQ activists have been working on for years and then chooses to spite it (e.g. Salvation Army, Chick-fil-A, queer media in general, etc.).,” tweeted Zach Ford, press secretary for the Alliance for Justice, with a link to the “Out” story.

The pictures are from 2017 when Buttigieg was volunteering as part of the Red Kettle Ring Off, an annual charity in which local South Bend officials raise money for the Salvation Army, according to a report from WSBT, a local CBS-affiliate, from the time.

Buttigieg’s campaign declined to comment on the backlash.

This situation is a bit weird.

Mayor Pete is only getting the support he’s getting because of the faggot lobby, which is rich as hell. (In case you don’t know, faggots are rich because unlike heterosexuals, they don’t have to spend time plotting about how they’re going to get laid. Heterosexual men used to be as successful as faggots back when we had state-enforced marriage, but now non-faggots spend most of their time figuring out how to access a vagina, and lose out on building their careers.)

Why the faggot lobby would start attacking someone that is their champion, as they’re on the verge of quite possibly getting a VP nod, is unclear.

I guess it’s just because they’re fickle queers.

As Far as the Salvation Army Now Being Evil…

The Salvation Army, a Christian organization that helps feed, clothe and house the homeless, has been considered evil for about a year now, because they refuse to denounce the Bible and embrace man-on-man anal sex.

They are considered evil despite the fact that they have an entire program of outreach to the anal community, which you can read about on their website.

They even have a special donation page, where you can donate specifically to help members of the “LGBT” community.

So this is not just a “we serve everyone” type situation. They do actively pro-homo activities.

Which I myself denounce them for. There is no reason for this. I don’t think it is necessary to refuse to serve homos – I understand the whole “we serve everyone regardless” mentality, and I am fine with that. But their pandering to the faggots with special programs is disgusting.

And it doesn’t do anything anyway, obviously. The actual faggot candidate is being witch hunted for volunteering with them to feed the homeless.

They are considered evil for the singular reason that they refuse to disavow the Bible, they say that homosexuality is a sin, and they refuse to appoint homosexual ministers.

This is to say: they refuse to stop being Christians.

No Such Thing as a Faggot-Loving Christian

Let me tell you this clearly: there is no such thing as a Christian who supports homosexuality. It is impossible to be both a Christian and an anal supporter.

I believe that an individual homosexual can be a Christian, if he knows what he is doing is wrong, in the same way that a drug addict or a murderer can be a Christian.

However, if a person says “God is okay with homosexuals,” he is not a Christian. There is no way you can be a Christian and hold that position, period.

So what these people are in the process of doing is labeling all Christians “homophobes,” which is part of a lead-up to ultimately outlawing Christianity completely, which will happen.

And it is looking like it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. All of the groundwork has already been laid.

We’re going to be hunted down by Sentinels like the X-Men.

By the way, this new Jonathan Hickman X-Men comic is fantastic. I really can’t say enough good things about it. It’s the only readable Marvel book I’ve come across in a decade, at least. I would go so far as to say it’s the best sci-fi story I’ve seen in any medium produced in the last ten years.

I might just start publishing reviews of it whether people read them or not, for my own satisfaction.