“Anal Pete” Cries Out for Justice Against Rising Threat of American Nazism in Analmerica

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2019

The “Anal Mayor” is double-analing down on the hunt for White Supremacy.

This is his second warning that Analmerica could fall to the Nazi agenda in a week – and it’s time Analmericans woke up and smelled the hatred brewing on all of our stoves.

It takes a lot of bravery to be an anal mayor and call out white people in Analmerica.


Mayor Pete Buttigieg continues warning of the rising threat of white nationalism, telling voters in Iowa over the weekend he believed that it was the most deadly form of terrorism in the United States.

“White Nationalist violence has killed more people on American soil than any other source of terrorism,” he told voters in Shenandoah, Iowa, on Saturday. “We got to name that, confront that and say that is not us.”

The audience of Iowa Democrats applauded and cheered Buttigieg’s statement.

Buttigieg did not compare statistics between violent attacks from white nationalists in the United States and attacks conducted or inspired by radical Islamic terrorists such as the 2,977 Americans killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the San Bernardino shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, or the shooting at a military base in Fort Hood, Texas.

The South Bend mayor frequently warns about the existential threat posed by white nationalists as he continues his run for president.

“It could be the lurking issue that ends this country in the future if we don’t wrangle it down in our time,” he told ABC News on Saturday.

Buttigieg’s warnings about white nationalism frequently fit with his message of how Democrats will keep America more secure than Republicans.

In March, he accused President Donald Trump of failing to protect America from the threat of white nationalism in an interview with the Intercept.

“He is failing to protect us from the clear and present dangers that white nationalism poses,” Buttigieg said, arguing that Trump was “probably sympathetic” to their ideology.

He also indicated in an interview with Buzzfeed in March that Trump supporters were “complicit” in the rise of the threat posed by white nationalists.

“I think the moment you come on board with a project like the Trump campaign or the Trump-Pence administration, you are at best complicit in the process that has given cover for the flourishing and the resurgence of white nationalism in our midst,” he said.

He’s right, you know.

Nazism could bring down this entire country.

Nazis want to literally kill everyone. Or so we believe. We don’t know, because Donald Trump refuses to investigate their dealings.

I think it’s time that the government took this threat seriously. It is time to appoint a special counsel to investigate White Nationalism.

And there is only one man with the sharp intelligence and devious cunning necessary to pull this off. This remarkably genius and razor-sharp gentleman just finished with his last very important job protecting America from its other main threat: Russian spies.

That’s right: the magnificently well-honed intellect of none other than Robert Mueller is needed to confront the Nazi threat head-on.

No other will suffice.

Analmerica needs its greatest investigator, Robert Mueller, on the case of the mysterious hidden Nazism.

The sharp-witted master detective Mueller already did full anal on Russia, exposing them once and for all. It’s time for the wise sage to use his cunning guile and unique trickery to go for the double-anal and brutally cripple White America.

And who will appoint The Wizard of Truth Robert Mueller to shut down white people?

No one other than Anal Pete.

Analmerica needs Mayor Anus to do a double anal of DEMOCRACY and HUMAN RIGHTS.

After all: Pete Buttigieg is the gay Mary Tyler Moore.

And if we want to make it after all, the only option is for Pete to drug us with his flunitrazepam of sweet nothings and proceed to stick us with the double-anal.

There is only one path to a truly equal America, and that path leads straight up your asshole.

Where your bowel control ends, liberation begins.

We have to shut down white people once and for all.

We have to open the borders.

We have to give free abortions to trannies.

We have send our children to be molested at the library by trannies.

We have to invade Russia.

We have to liberate Taiwan.

We have to get better healthcare for the blacks.

We have to do all of this and we have to do it double time.

The solution is clear: Pete Buttigieg, Double Anal for Analmerica.