Analist Paul Joseph Watson Obsessive-Compulsively Cheers Anal Revolution in Hong Kong!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2019

The same sickening kiked-out rats like Paul Joseph Watson that complain about the meddling in Syria are cheering on this color revolution in Hong Kong.

That is because anal access to China is a big deal for homosexuals, given that Asian boys make great twinks.

The Chinese Communist Party has always taken a hard line against faggots, so Watson must take a hard line against them.


Hong Kong protesters joined hands on Friday and formed a 28-mile-long human chain linking 39 railroad stations, with an American flag raised at the center.

The demonstration was nicknamed, “The Hong Kong Way,” a homage to the 370-mile “Baltic Way” human chain formed exactly 30 years ago by about two million people in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia to demand liberation from the Soviet Union.

Organizers described the Hong Kong human chain as “a show of solidarity” and “a plea for international support.” Many participants held placards thanking passersby for supporting their quest for “freedom and democracy.” Some expressed a desire to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s claims that the protesters are violent thugs or agents of chaos working for hostile foreign powers.

No better way to say “we’re not foreign agents” than to fly the American flag at your rally demanding anal sex and tattoos.

The rabid and sadistic homosexual terrorist Watson is aggressively cheering on the anti-social revolt against Chinese order. He is not only a paid shill, but also himself a sick homosexual with a dog in the fight against the Chinese.

Like Charlie Kirk, Watson would very much prefer if he could travel to China and meet a lot of young boys with their anuses open for him.

Watson’s Twitter feed is nothing but shilling for these terrorist acts.

Yes, of course Watson is on board with the New York Times forced meme shill Hong Kong Pepe agenda.

I’m sure he also supports Google and Twitter silencing everyone who disagrees with his revolutionary anal vision for the Chinese. All of the values are out the window, so throw free speech out there too.

It’s so very funny how the neocon agenda becomes the greatest thing ever as soon as it is going to offer a poop treat for Paul Joseph Watson’s anal appetite.

Like the anal-winger MILO, Watson is now approaching 40, and his primary concern is securing as many young twinks as possible.

This is why you cannot ever trust a homosexual: first and foremost, they are always going to be thinking about ramming their penises up the buttholes of other men.

Homosexuals are plague-carriers, and they will always put spreading the plague above all else.