And These Kikes Would Have Gotten Away with It Too…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2018

As all readers probably already know, the driving force behind internet censorship was “The Jews,” a group more commonly referred to as “Filthy, Ratfaced Kikes.”

Through their ethnic lobbying organizations – primarily the ADL and the SPLC – they forced tech companies (many of which are owned by their kinsmen) to end free speech on social media through aggressive blackmail campaigns.

Their strategy was to work with the Jewish-owned mainstream media organizations to threaten social media companies with defamation – “providing a platform for Nazis” – if they refused to bend to their censorship programs.

For example, in May of this year, the ADL published a paper calling Twitter a “megaphone” for promoting “anti-Semitism,” and it was a widespread national news item. The implication was that Jack Dorsey, the goy CEO of Twitter, is himself some kind of neo-Nazi sympathizer.

Following Charlottesville, the Jews were effectively given a blank check to ban absolutely everything from everywhere.

Social media was cleansed, in a scorched-earth fashion, of anyone with “far right” views, as they were framing ideas and words as a form of terrorism.

I had of course already been banned from all social media, so they invented new forms of censorship to apply to this site. They stole the domain, and then organized to ensure that no domain registry would let us register a new domain. We also became the first site to be kicked off of Cloudflare, a backbone service.

We stayed online only because of weev, who has rigged this site to run in ways that no one other than he understands.

And they presumably could have kept this up indefinitely. They could have kept anyone who was “Alt-Right” or otherwise racialist in their worldview off of social media, forever.

But Jews have this pattern of overreaching.

And they did.

After they felt that the web had been sufficiently cleansed of most “racist” and “anti-Semitic” content, they decided to move to the next target – that which is to the left of us – which is “Alt-Lite” type civic nationalism. They view civic nationalism as a threat as it is considered a “gateway drug” to racial nationalism. The ADL published an entire paper about this “gateway drug” concept.

Furthermore, while the ADL was involved in this attack on the Alt-Lite, the Jew-dominated Democrat Party developed a plan to simply remove all pro-Trump content from the internet completely, vaguely arguing that it was all “Russian meddling.”

The result was that Alex Jones, a “patriot” Alt-Lite figure who has repeatedly and explicitly condemned racism – and in fact was married to a Jew and has part-Jew children – became the target of a centrally-organized, simultaneously executed censorship collusion operation between various tech companies.

They all banned him at the same time.

And it then became obvious to everyone that first they came for the neon-nazis, then they came for the humble water-filter salesman, and that they would soon be coming for the next in line, which would be outlets like Breitbart and the Daily Caller.

And now Trump has declared, in no uncertain terms, that the government is going to move to make it so all voices – even the “bad ones” – are allowed on the internet.

The Jews overreached.

And now, all of the racists and anti-Semites are going to get social media amnesty online right along with Alex Jones.

This is real.

It is happening.

This is why Jews have been kicked out of over 100 countries: they overreach. White people are the most tolerant people on the planet. Ridiculously so – masochistically so. But they always, always, always, push too far.

Now, the hammer is coming down.

We shall all be free.