Last Year’s Runner-Up Andrew Anglin Not Even in the Running for Most Hated White Person This Year

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2018

The Root, a black ethnic blog that is a member of the former Gawker Network of blogs (now the Gizmodo Network), is running it’s second annual “Wypipo” contest.

I’m not even going to do the whole “what if a Gawker network blog had a ‘worst nigger’ contest” bit.

I’m so bored of that bit.

Instead, I’m just going to complain that this year, I’m not even in the running.

Last year, you will recall, I was runner-up, beating beaten by “White Allies” (a term for white people who try to help black people by attending Black Lives Matter rallies and so on).

They even did a special graphic of me in my KKK hood (which I mostly just wear around the house)… while white allies were repped by Miley Cyrus. For some reason.

What have I done that niggers no longer hate me?

Have I cucked?

What have I done? 

Was it that I said we couldn’t kick them out like the rest of the brown people and would have to make some deal with them?

Am I now eligible for some kind of “favorite white person” contest at The Root?

It would destroy me…