Andrew Anglin on Matt Forney Show to Talk About Wignats/Fednats, Internet Censorship and Fitness Issues

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2019

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I appeared on the Matt Forney show last night to talk about some various issues, which included:

  • The deplatforming of 8chan and the coming deplatforming of 4chan and everyone else
  • The entire scandal involving TheRightStuff.Biz and their strange and unexplained relationship with all of these costume people and federal informants
  • The fact that if you ask Mike Enoch why his chief of security is an admitted federal informant and a fugitive heroin dealer, he accuses you of being mentally ill for asking the question and refuses to talk to you
  • The fact that other than accusing Andrew Anglin of being mentally ill, the TRS crew has maintained a complete stonewall and refusal to discuss any of this – if they’re innocent and it’s all a big mix-up, there is no reason not to explain it
  • As TRS stonewalls, their traffic is cratering
  • More stuff about that fed situation, and about how all of these weird, anti-social people who destroyed the Alt-Right appear to be forming some strange new coalition of feds, doxers, costumed fetishists and anti-social freaks for some mysterious purpose
  • None of these people can even post in their Twitter safespace anymore without getting spammed with accusations of being feds
  • There is no more audience for wignats, fednats or any other group of perverse weirdos, most people are into normie nationalism and acting like normal social people instead of deranged freaks
  • The deranged freak contingent is in disarray as they realize they’re totally controlled by feds and dastardly money-grubbers
  • General health advice, in particular with relation to losing weight
  • Nicotine addiction, the pluses and minuses
  • Many other interesting topics

I hope you enjoy this, because I certainly did.

I regret to inform you I was involved in a lot of gum chewing and other snacking during the show.

The show is also available on BitChute.

I personally listen to and enjoy Matt’s show, and recommend everyone sign up on their podcast app. It airs every Sunday and is always a fun time.

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