Android: Trannies as New Default for “Family” and “Couple” Emojis😩 🤢 😢

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2018

This is what a normal family looks like, you filthy goyim.

In my laughable naivete, I actually thought that tech companies like Apple and Google would stop at merely including emoji icons for brown people, faggots and trannies.

The yellow face was already “inclusive,” you retards. What you really wanted was “social signaling” emojis.

But alas, the Jewing must always go on.

So now, Google is making the perverted tranny emojis the default ones representing couples and families.

The Verge:

Today, Google announced a new beta for its upcoming Android P release that shows the new emoji updates coming later this year, including new items like a skateboard and lobster, support for redheads, and a gender-neutral option for the family and couple emojis.

It’s not a “gender-neutral option.” They changed the default ones!

To get an actual normal family, you have to specify that it’s a man, woman and child.

These emojis already existed in the Unicode Standard, and Google is now following the guideline stating, as Emojipedia says, that “if a gender isn’t mentioned, then a gender-neutral or gender-inclusive display should be used.” So, the default emoji for family and couple will be gender ambiguous, and in the sub-menu for each, specific combinations of gender can be selected.

This could be an indication that Google will move toward a gender-neutral option as the default for other emojis in the future. Last year, Apple announced some separate, gender-neutral emoji of its own.

Yes, they did the same thing with the “couple” emoji.

Of course, they would claim that the couple is “gender neutral” so as to not offend anyone. But in real life, of course, 99% of people’s gender isn’t ambiguous – only a tiny minority of freaks are confused about what genitals they have.

So representing a “couple” or a “family” with two androgynous cartoons isn’t actually “ambiguous.” It clearly depicts two weird perverts instead of normal people.

So the effect will be weird and unsettling for the majority of people. They know this, of course – that’s why they made the normal family the default in the first place prior to this new update.

Imagine if they set this as the default emoji for “woman:”

Trannies are women, right? So what’s the problem?

The emojis are getting even more ridiculous politically correct changes as well.

Outside of the gender-neutral shift, there are many other changes coming for the next set of Android emojis. Some are just getting tweaked — like the salad emoji no longer containing egg as an ingredient in order to make it vegan — while others, like the pistol, are getting an overhaul to reduce emphasis on violence. (It’s been replaced with a water gun.)

It… It had to be a vegan salad.

Everyone knows vegans don’t eat salads. They just eat grass.

Typical vegan meal.

I… I didn’t even realize that eating eggs was politically incorrect now. I’m getting old. These times… they fly right past me.

And google has also committed to ruining the best emoji combos by replacing the gun with a water pistol.

All major tech companies did, in fact. This is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen.

Do these retards think they’re going to prevent school shootings by replacing gun emojis with a water pistols?

This is how i wanted to react to these new emoji news, but… I no longer have the emojis to do it.

This new push to re-engineer society by manipulating our most fundamental symbols is sickening.

We need a new mobile OS that replaces all non-white, non straight emojis with orcs, goblins and A. Wyatt Mann memes.

This should do nicely for the “gay family” emoji, don’t you think?