Andy Racewarski Owns the Right to the Term Liberalist™

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2018

Andy Racewarski has now trademarked the term Liberalist™ and has dedicated the organization to traps, futa, furries, and anime catgirls.

It is not all degenerate though, they have a strict policy of tossing fags off rooftops and supporting traditional family structure.

Hard to disagree with this.

Predictably, the Sargonite reddit fags are not happy with this development.

The thing is they obviously cannot stop him from trademarking a term. That is ridiculous, not even the internet police could do that.

I am now fully in support of the Liberalist™ movement in their quest to purge faggots and other undesirables to establish a White ethnostate.

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