Angry Australians Protest Mosque Construction

Daily Slave
September 23, 2014

Patriotic White Australians shown here protesting the construction of a mosque in their country.

What the hell are Muslims doing in Australia?  There should be no mosques anywhere in Australia.  If these clowns want to build a mosque than they should do it in a Muslim country.

Good on these Australians for coming out and angrily protesting this.  Let’s hope tens of thousands of White Australians come out and demand an end to this vile project – and demand the entire Muslim parasite body be ejected while their at it.

Sunshine Coast Daily:

A dozen police had to keep anti mosque protesters and supporters apart at an emotion-charged rally on the Sunshine Coast today.

More than 500 people – about 80% of them against the Islamic mosque, converged on land near the Stella Maris Catholic Church to protest the mosque plan.

Supporters of the mosque sang iconic Australian tunes, prompting outrage from a few of the anti mosque movement.

Streets around the protest were blocked off by police while plain clothes and uniform police had to repeatedly warn anti-mosque protesters to tone their comments and anger down.