Angry Negro Opened Fire with Shotgun in Supermarket Car Park Because It Felt ‘Disrespected’

February 9, 2015

The low IQ Negro Jumaane Bruce flew into a rage after being “disrespected” and returned wearing a balaclava and gloves and armed with the deadly weapon.

An angry dad fired a SHOTGUN towards a random woman in an Aldi car park after flying into a rage because he felt he had been “disrespected”.

Criminal Jumaane Bruce, 22, lost his temper after becoming embroiled in a petty dispute with two men outside an off-licence who said “what are you staring at?” a court heard.

Bruce returned minutes later wearing a balaclava and gloves on, brandishing a shotgun, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Carrying the deadly weapon, he then chased one of the men, who “ran for his life” and nearby shoppers scattered terrified and screaming, the court was told.

The victim was so scared he opened a stranger’s car door and jumped onto the lap of an innocent woman as she sat in the driver’s seat.

She begged Bruce “don’t shoot me” as he approached, armed with the shotgun.

PAY--Main-Shotgun-Aldi (1)
A man threatened by the clothes-wearing ape “ran for his life” when he saw the creature brandishing a shotgun.

But from just metres away, Bruce fired towards the Vauxhall Astra leaving dents and holes in the door and the remnants of a shotgun cartridge sprayed around.

Some of the many children who witnessed the incident were left in tears after the dramatic ordeal near the the Aldi supermarket in Burnage, Manchester, last May.

The woman caught up in the ordeal believed she was going to die, Michael Lavery, prosecuting said.

Bruce, from Withington, Manchester, was later arrested and officers found a balaclava and body armour at his home address.

A number of White children witnessed the incident and were left in tears.

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