Announcing Azzmador’s Fantastic New Show “We’re All Americans Here,” with Co-Host Ricky Vaughn!

Daily Stormer
April 1, 2018

Ever since I had Ricky Vaughn on my show, I have been turning over the ideas we talked about in my head, and I kept coming to the same conclusion. Namely, that America is less and less White as every day passes, and if we really want to change the pozzed country we live in and enact American Nationalism, we’re gonna need a really big tent.

Now, I know what you’re thinking right now, you’re thinking “No, not you Azzmador! Surely you’re not cucking!”

Well let me assure you, I am not cucking in the slightest. I am just acknowledging reality. It is never cucking as long as you’re winning, and if we want to win then we’re going to have to give up this hard line we’ve been drawing on White Nationalism and do some minority outreach to all the Based Blacks, Asians, Indians, Arabs, and Latinx out there.

After all, President Trump did really well with Hispanics, so this kind of flies in the face of what we’ve been saying all along – it turns out that you really can get people of other races to be just like us so long as you make sure that all the immigration is LEGAL and these people fully understand the constitution and that our ancestors died so that everyone could have a chance to come be an American and enjoy the blessings of liberty so long as they understand our founding principles and the excellent way of life that is available to anyone who believes in free markets and individual rights.

Also, for practical purposes, we will be changing our stance on anti-Semitism. Sure, most of our problems are due to Jews, but these are specific Jews, not your average Jew, who works hard and loves America like everybody else and most likely hates what these elite Jews do just as much as I hated it when the clintons raised all that money for Haiti and kept it for themselves, so let’s face it, White people do some pretty evil and unconstitutional things anyway.

And besides, one fact that we have to face is that the mainstream media is owned by Jewish people, and if we want to build that big tent I referenced above, we’re gonna need their help spreading the good news of Civic Nationalism! They’re reasonable people (high IQ), and if there’s one thing I learned from POTUS, it’s that you can accomplish basically anything if you know how to negotiate properly. Don’t believe me? Well, how about those tax cuts? IN YOUR FACE, HATERS!

If we’ll all just get together and learn to make great memes like this, we’ll win the African-American vote for sure!

So make sure and tune in to “We’re All Americans Here!” every Tuesday at 7 pm. We’ll be discussing exciting topics you won’t hear about anywhere else. this week we’ll be digging deep into the details of the great Omnibus Spending Bill that Glorious Leader just signed, and show you all the great things in it that the liberals and the wignats don’t want you to know about, and we’ll be joined by an excellent guest for the show’s virgin voyage, none other than the legend himself, Mike Cernovich!

Don’t worry fam, we’re gonna turn this thing around, and we’re gonna win, and I promise you, NO CUCKING!