More Goofy Conservacuck Politicians Get Whacked by Sacha Baron Cohen’s Israeli Character

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2018

I don’t mind Sacha Baron Cohen doing his thing.

As many have already noted, he seems to be attacking zio-cons and mocking them for their complete and utter gullibility about everything to do with Israel and the Jews.

The premise of the show is that these stupid goyim will do whatever we Jews tell them to do.

…which is exactly what we’ve been saying about these politicians for years.

Think Progress:

As part of his effort to trick conservative activists and lawmakers into embarrassing themselves on his Showtime series Who is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen presented a fake pro-Israel award to an array of political figures called “70 at 70.” On behalf of a non-existent Israeli outlet called “Yerushalayim Television,” Cohen’s team told its unsuspecting victims (and some more rightly skeptical marks) they were being honored for their “significant contributions to the State of Israel.” But weeks after the rouse was revealed, it appears that Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) still doesn’t realize he was duped.

Despite all this national news, ThinkProgress discovered on Friday that Rep. Perry’s campaign site actually lists the fake award among the third-term congressman’s awards.

Well, it could just be a slow unpaid intern. But in general, how these idiots don’t know who Sacha Baron Cohen is at this point is simply beyond me.

I guess it goes to show how out of touch and hopelessly clueless and naive most of these conservative politicians are.

Not this guy though. He’s clever in a sinister way.

I don’t really get mad at this Jew running around and pranking US congressmen. These aren’t smart people. All the smart people go to Wall St. or they get an IT job. A small percentage become businessmen as well.

Politicians are just empty vessels, husks of men that represent the interests of cleverer and richer persons and lobbies.

They’re in the business of saying and believing whatever they get paid to say. Cozying up to some Jew pranking them was probably their way of signaling to other rich Jews, “hey, I’m your man.”

So honestly, who gives a fuck?