Another Negro NFL Player in Trouble for Violent Behavior

Daily Slave
September 17, 2014

Negro ape football player Greg Hardy.

Fresh off of the negro Ray Rice punching out his fiance in a casino elevator and negro Adrian Peterson abusing one of his many bastard children, we have another case of a negro football player in trouble for violent behavior.

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy has been placed on the team’s inactive list after being convicted of domestic violence over the summer.

This is just more proof that Blacks have a greater tendency to commit acts of violence.  The NFL really needs to get rid of these violent monkeys from their league.


Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy, who was convicted of domestic violence this summer, won’t play Sunday against the Detroit Lions after being placed on the inactive list, the team announced Sunday on Twitter.

The news comes amid increased focus on the National Football League and the way it handles players accused of domestic violence.

Until the team’s surprising announcement just before game time, Hardy was set to play Sunday, while Ray Rice, recently released by the Baltimore Ravens, and Minnesota Vikings star Adrian Peterson won’t.

Peterson was placed on the inactive list late last week after he was indicted by a grand jury in Texas on a child abuse charge.

Rice, meanwhile, might never play again, since the NFL suspended him indefinitely after a video was posted online that showed him punching out his now-wife in February.