Another One! White Man in “Trump Truck” Arrested by Police!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2019

The militarized police are absolutely out of control and racially profiling innocent Americans!

We’ve all known that the cops were racist – we just got the race that they were racist against wrong!


An armed man, described by staff at a local migrant shelter as “a white supremacist Trump supporter, was detained by police when he was found lurking outside the shelter shortly after President Trump concluded a visit to El Paso.

Police confirmed an incident occurred around 7 p.m. Wednesday in the 900 block of Stanton near the Casa Carmelita shelter.

In a social media post, Casa Carmelita said the man “was sitting in his truck wearing blue latex gloves, and brandishing a knife.” The shelter also said “police recovered a loaded gun, ammo, and a bag of white powder from his person.” 

Police on Thursday indicated that the man “was detained, interviewed and released after it was determined that no criminal offense had been committed.”

I don’t know what to make of this story because the media and these human traffickers are throwing out so much bullshit that it’s hard to figure out where the lies and exaggerations end and the story begins.

First things first, if this guy was a freedom fighter and soon-to-be martyr, he would have posted a manifesto online, no? That seems to be the MO at least. Seeing as he did no such thing, I’m finding it hard to believe that he would break from the time-honored tradition that White partisans have engaged in since the beginning of armed White resistance in the West.

Secondly, if he was planning a mass shooting, why would he make laps around a Mexican trafficking site, brandishing a knife? This, when he had a gun and was allegedly planning a mass shooting? Does that make sense to you?

The only weird thing about this story is why he was wearing those gloves – because as far as the pictures show, that’s the only part of the story that seems to check out and that admittedly comes off as a bit strange.

But judging from the Trump memes on his truck, it’s clear that this was a MAGApede cultist who just doesn’t seem to understand the situation that the country is in if he thought that he could drive around in greater Aztlan while being White.

Perhaps the goggles and the gloves were in preparation for being maced or something similar – a threat that all Trump supporters face.

Look, I get that the police are skittish now. We’ve had a lot of mass shooters and the shooter meme market is going up up up! lately.

Everyone’s getting really into it and finds the concept of shooting people they don’t like up absolutely hilarious.

I get that.

Regardless, I don’t like seeing the police racially profiling young White boys who dindu nuffin and were good bois, just tryna love the Constitution and start a small business.

As far as I’m concerned, these racist pigs gotta go!

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