Anthropoid-American Charged with Choking White Athlete Girlfriend

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2018

Joanna Nalborska and her black pet.

Most relationships are dysfunctional these days, especially interspecies ones.

If Joanna didn’t want to be choked (and that’s a big “if,” because women), she shouldn’t have dated a bipedal gorilla in the first place.


A former N.C. State tennis player and her boyfriend face charges in a domestic violence case.

Raleigh police said Joanna Nalborska assaulted her boyfriend with a meat tenderizer Thursday evening after he choked her.

Nalborska, 25, and Gilmore Dejoie, 22, were arrested at their residence off of Trinity Ridge Road in Raleigh.

Nalborska is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and Dejoie is charged with assault by strangulation.