Anti-Corbyn Demo: The Jewish Power Structure Protests Against the Jewish People

Diversity Macht Frei
March 28, 2018

Is this not the strangest-looking photo of a protest you’ve ever seen? Normally, protesters are a bit raggedy-looking. Here, they look as if they’ve been chauffeured to the scene. Demonstrations usually involve People protesting against Power. But here we have Power protesting against the People.

Jews complain that some of the goyim are allowed to talk back to them. And that some of these uppity Unchosen can even be found within the ranks of the Labour party.

The entire protest was allegedly inspired by Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labout party, offering support (6 years ago!) to an artist whose mural was going to be erased.

British media insisted the mural was anti-Semitic. No attempt was made to explain why. Corbyn backed down and apologised. But that wasn’t enough for the Jews. They now demand that he purge from the party anyone who dares to criticise the Chosen in any way, even indirectly by using terms like “Zionist” or making Nazi comparisons.

Look at the placards in this protest: professionally got up, repeating standardised messages and slogans.

Are we supposed to believe that this was all organised over the weekend after the 6-year-old (!) mural story suddenly broke on Friday?

And – like many Jewish victimhood narratives – this one falls apart on closer inspection. it seems the entire story was a fraud. In an article on the David Icke website, the artist Mear One – an anti-capitalist leftist – has described the specific people depicted in his image and only 2 of them are Jewish.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Using this as my ideological starting point, I chose to depict the likenesses of such early turn of the century Robber Barons, specifically Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Carnegie, Warburg, as well Aleister Crowley who was a kind of philosophical guru to the ruling elite of that time and a well-known Satanist. These men and their dynasties, whom I believe don’t subscribe to any reasonable human code of morality, have put parameters around what our reality consists of and are destroying our planet, indebting us in the trillions, profiting in the billions, while displacing millions, financing wars through illegal taxation.

Critics took liberty to pick and highlight my written words, which were based in actual fact, about how some of the older folk in the community who claimed to be Jewish came upon me while I was painting my mural and asked me who these characters were and when I replied they were aghast at how I could portray someone like Rothschild in such a wicked manner. They expressed to me all of the good deeds Rothschild had done for the Jewish community and the world at large. That’s what they said! Also, for the record, I have never said anything about these characters representing anything more than greedy old European and American men in power. 

It was revealed recently that more than 1000 British girls (many under-age children) had been raped by Muslim gangs in Telford. This got scarcely any news coverage.

Yet the Jews were able to get a fake news story about a 6-year-old Facebook comment on to the front pages of every major newspaper in the land and on to the lips of every political talkshow host on TV. What an extraordinary demonstration of their power.