Anti-Immigrant Riot in Dresden!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2015

The time has come to resist.
The time has come to resist.

There does come a point where enough is enough.

Dresden may have just gotten to that point.

The Independent:

Up to 1,000 protesters have clashed with police in eastern Germany in riots reportedly sparked by the arrival of 250 migrants.

Police said protesters shouting “foreigners out” and carrying banners against the “asylum flood” threw bottles and stones at busloads of asylum seekers arriving in Heidenau, near Dresden.

At least 31 officers were hurt in violent scuffles as police used tear gas to disperse crowds.

Peaceful demonstrations began after news spread that the town was welcoming a large number of refugees who are set to be housed in an empty building.

The protest was hijacked by a group of far-right radicals, many belonging to the militant National Democratic Party (NPD), considered a neo-Nazi organisation.

“After the riots, the situation is now calm,” a police spokesman told Tagesspiegel online, adding it was not yet clear how many people had been injured or how many arrests had been made.

Remember that Dresden was the center of the Pegida anti-invasion movement, and that because of this, Angela Merkel punished the town by flooding it with Blacks.

This situation is not going away any time soon.


  1. They will never get anywhere with those slogans.
    They need to be shouting “Indigenous Rights For Native Tribes, Colonialist-Bigots Out”
    That is the type of language that millions will follow. That would be anti-Racist language, and it would forever label the invaders as the racist themselves.

  2. Unfortunately for the Dresdeners, the vast majority of their German countrymen are typically depraved defective white cuckolds and whores who love their darkies. I saw more interracial couples, with offspring, in Germany in 1 month on vacation there than I’ve seen in L.A. in an entire decade. Something is very sick about white folk, and it can’t just be chalked up to jewish propaganda.

  3. CelticNationalist

    The Germans have simply had enough of Merkel’s appeal to having millions upon millions of blood thirsty sub-humans utterly destroy their homeland. Angela is a typecast traitor, a prolific war criminal, an appeaser to the Goldman Sachs bailout merchants and a political slave to the Israeli government. It makes me sick knowing she was appointed to head office in the Reichstag, the same building as the great Adolf Hitler; a man who fought desperately to destroy a century of fiscal and societal Jewish corruption encroaching on the European peoples. Sadly the tide of Bolshevik rhetoric hit us with devastating force and now we must pick up the pieces and rebuild for the greater good of Europe.

    • The Germans didn’t deserve Hitler. His efforts would have been better exerted on the Japanese or the Arab, who surely even today appreciate him much more than the lowly depraved white whore/cuckold race. Hitler attempted to turn the Germans in racial nationalists like the Japanese. Germans and other Europeans don’t want to be Japanese, because they’re basically just bleached niggers.

      • CelticNationalist

        First of all fascist societies were not infatuated with nigger-loving Jewrats until the late 1940s after administration of fascism was decommissioned in Europe and Japan. Secondly Hitler, Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito were in unison with political fascism, which like all departments in politics encompasses every country and population that choose to accept it as the common viewpoint in society. There were no records of Europeans wanting to be Japanese, or Japanese wanting to be European. They were allies in war, plain and simple. Also the white race has never been entirely a cuckhold race. It may be more prevalent in Sweden, the US, Germany and Britain (areas dominated by Jewish infrastructure) but overall the white race is seeking to prevail over the Jews that sneak behind the curtain of illusion.

      • The Japanese and the Arabs only have appreciation of Hitler because they aren’t brainwash to hate him.

  4. BobWhitakerisokay

    Dresden was also the town that had a literal holocaust inflicted on it by the Allies during WWII.
    If anti-Whites will not allow us a free, open discussion about 3rd world immigration they can expect more holocausts to come.

  5. Deutschland├ťberAlles

    Some girls of Heidenau/ Dresden produced a song for their town in 2012. Now it gets a lot of attention and many negative feedback. If you dont mind, leave a thumps up and a positive comment there (I know its a bit trashy but they have to know that their town got support):

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey

    Fancy a trip to Germany?

    I’m really wondering which country will see it first.

  7. They need to burn down the holding centers and the homes of their enablers. Hey, Alex, try to ban me for that comment.

  8. I think that the jewish elite are targeting Dresden once again. Didn’t they have a PEIGADA rally here? It appears to be some kind of punishment.

  9. I visited Dresden on my recent trip to Germany. A lovely, clean, historic town that was rebuilt after the Allies destroyed an innocent German city, AFTER WWII was done.

    I saw very few darkies there. I would have joined in that protest, had it happened while I was there. Germany must throw off the yoke of the mud races, or she WILL perish.

  10. Germans are just saying “Don’t Twerkle me bro!”

  11. Merkle is determined to”Twerkle” germany.

  12. First it was the Golden Dawn on the verge of seizing power, and now this! There is still life in our race.

    • Southerners like the Greeks will always have more gumption than faggoty northern Euros. The Greeks are basically middle eastern/ quasi Euro hybrids after all.

  13. Enough is enough!

    We need to push this as a meme.

    We also need to push the simple question to our leaders, the SJW’s, the liberals, the women, everyone. How many non-Europeans can we take before Europe is no longer Europe? 800,000 every year? 5 million every year? A billion? Is there any number which is enough? Where does it end?

    • As long as the leadership in the USA is jewish the immigration goes on and Merkel will be elected again. Most Germans believe the USA society is a modern one and a model for Germany. They are educated that NAZIs are stupid and those who live in the past. They are not informed about racial problems in the USA. Not only carreer crawlers are following and will follow communistic jewish Merkel.

    • Yes, an how?
      Sometimes I think you are expecting, waiting for that germans begin a civil war against muslims (Turks) and niggers so that the shit jewish american nigger army can intervene and murder and rape again germans. A jewish dream. And you want to have your amusement in front of TV.
      As long as there is a jewish anti-german anti-white government in the USA the genocid goes on and a civil war would be suicid.

      • That’s why we need to dissolve the US government into Jew-free regional governments. That’s the real answer.

      • It goes deeper. Us UK and USA “whores for the jooz” failed to fully destroy Christian Germany in the 40s –with fire/bombs. Now they are using hostile, violent, voting aliens and their fast reproduction and race-mixing –to finish the job! This is a deadly enmity and 7000 year war between the TRUE Judah-Israelite German-Christians and the FALSE Judah/Israelite Jooz. However, the Caucasian Christians don’t know it’s a war, don’t know who they really are, and don’t know who their enemy is!!! In fact most think their ancient, ongoing enemy is their friend, and God’s Chosen People!

        What an amazing, terrible (Biblical) deception! see

      • The Turkish minority would absolutely destroy the Germans in the event of a civil war without any external help. The Turks are a defiant and masculine people who did not long suffer occupation by western troops after the First world war and promptly ejected them. The Germans on the other hand are feminine natured masochists, like the majority of the white race.

      • Very soon each country will have to deal with their own domestic problems (Zionist control of their Governments, invasion of Illegal Immigrants, etc.) as the world economy crashes and the Elders of Zion lose their control over the Goyim masses. How do we get Foreigner’s Out? through armed resistance. I have lost faith in the Ballot but have never lost faith in the Bullet. by saying ” Auslander Raus” I am not expecting anything, I am stating that the Illegal Invading Hordes need to go back from where they came, Whites will figure out the mechanism which works in their own country to achieve that goal.

  14. All white nationalists and national socialists in Europe must seek greater unity with more and more meetings and discussions. There is no more time to sit around. We must plan to propagandize, recruit and train our people and we must learn how to reach our young with the message.


  16. How does Riot going to solve the problems?

  17. The Jews were responsible for bringing negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate. For as long as a people remain racially pure and are conscious of the treasure of their blood, they can never be overcome by the Jew. Never in this world can the Jew become master of any people except a bastardized people.

    • Who was responsible for white German whores allowing negro penises between their legs?

    • Who was responsible for white German whores allowing negro penises between their legs?

      • I was stationed in Germany in the Army from 1968 through 1970. It used to baffle us white soldiers to see the German young women clinging to the arms of black American soldiers. Those guys would dress up in purple suits and flashy big brimmed hats (looking like pimps) and would parade the white German girls around the streets near our barracks. It was sickening to watch.

        • And I’ll bet the filthy German sluts got off on the depravity of it all- being paraded around as a nigga’s whore. How dirty and naughty. But the jews made them do it. LOL! I suppose it’s the jews who force plane loads of white middle aged whores to fly to Jamaica by the hundreds each year to defile themselves with rasta boys half their age. I suppose it’s the jews who force white men to form mandingo clubs where they take their wives to get gang banged by black guys. Gimme a break. The fact that white “nationalists” need to twist reality around on its head to escape any responsibility for our own civilization’s depravity just shows how weak you are. This is what passes for your race realism? Sad pathetic little boys.

      • the jews are responsible for that as well. their constant stream of filthy propaganda has convinced them that those creatures are human.

        • How come Asian and Hispanic women aren’t as susceptible to nigger fucking as white whores? Are superior white really that doltish? Could the jews even convince the “superior” Aryans to fuck dogs and gorillas next?

          • shut your filthy mouth, dirty kike. just a few months ago the japanese media were fawning over a ‘sexy gorilla’, extolling its ‘manly virtues’ and going on and on about its ‘beauty’. the latrinos also enjoy donkey and chicken sex on a regular basis, there is a documentary done by vice news showing that. need I even mention the mucklim fetish for goat sex, which has been well documented on video and in historical text? those depraved monsters even have religious laws concerning how to properly fuck an animal and to whom one can sell the meat after the dirty deed has been done. you evil jews have religious laws condoning animal sex as well, just as you do with pedophilia and homosexuality and numerous other disgusting perversions. the only people who abhor and refrain from bestiality are US ARYANS. now go spread your lies somewhere else, judlein.

          • Typical subhuman. Mommy, mommy, the jews made us do it. You make me sick. Anybody who holds white people responsible for their own actions is a jew. Newsflash imbecile: White people have lost. Those “refugees” flooding Europe are 90% male. Do you think they’ll have a problem finding mates among modern liberal Euro whores? The gene pool will be hopelessly degraded within a generation, and cowardly keyboard commandos like you won’t do shit to stop it because you’re a cowardly punk who hasn’t got the stones to do anything about it but talk, just like the cowardly english yobs did nothing to avenge their sisters and daughters after Rotherham. This isn’t the beginning of any Aryan revolution. It’s the coup de grace to the white race by treasonous elites who are genociding Europe, and Europe is dying without so much as a whimper. Camp of the Saints. Even a cornered rat fights back, but all white people do is rush to build camps for the refugees and welcome them. Fuck white people, and fuck you too pussy.

          • oh angry little kike, aren’t you? must have struck a nerve by pointing out your religious laws concerning bestiality. well, either way, you can run your mouth all you like, it won’t change the facts – we got you kikes running scared.

          • by the way, hymie, Golden Dawn has a mandate to form a government. right now the most popular parties all across europe are nationalist. whether you like it or not we are winning, and when the smoke clears your heads will roll. now run along and go cry somewhere else, I’m sure they have some tissues for you over at the yeshiva.

            p.s. – just another typical semite activity! –

  18. It is indeed happening.
    God help us, the Germans are awakening from their slumber.

  19. It’s really kicking off! Interesting times are closer than we expected.

  20. From all the people around the globe, those who I enjoy the most rising against our genocide are the germans, not only because of their history, but because of their present, they have it harder and it┬┤s been illegal for them since 1945.

    Go on German Patriots!

  21. It is at least remotely possible that Germany may re-awaken if Schweinhund Merkel demands (as she clearly intends) that Deutschland admit 6 million more .sub-Saharan Schwartzers in partial reparation for the holohoax. But don’t hold your breath. 99% of true Germans died during W.W. II, in defense of the Reich. Germany is destined to become the first African state in Europe. Many others will follow. On my last trip to Scandinavia, I didn’t run out of niggers until I crossed into Lapland. As that was away back in the early 2000s, I imagine that Lapland today is overrun with niggers (at least during the “midnight sun” summer months) seeking Sami to screw.

    • AmericanIntellectual

      Germany is overrun with a lot of Turks. There are millions of Turks, Arabs, Berbers, Tuaregs and Kurds living inside Germany as “guest workers”. This riot in Dresden against immigrants is most likely against Muslim immigrants from Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia. Many Turks have German citizenship, they have been getting German citizenship since 1980s. German people in Dresden don’t like Muslim gastarbeiters, too much crime and terrorism comes from them. This riot is justly against muslims and their insane religious fanaticism.

      • And all of those above enumerated people have more honor in their pinky’s fingernail than the entire European continent and its sad pathetic excuse for manhood.

  22. Angela Merkel needs to be punished.

  23. The Lion Awakes.

    This time, let’s not fail our German brethren, like we did last time.

    • Let’s all pledge one thing: if there is ever a white partisan revolution in a country with nuclear weapons, we will drop everything and go there.

      • AmericanIntellectual

        Only USA, Britain, France and Russia among white countries have their own nuclear weapons. France has a huge nuclear arsenal. Seizing power there by Front National (despite it’s many flaws) would be a good opportunity. No one in their right find would risk fighting a country with it’s own nuclear weapon. Instinct of self-preservation it is called.

        • It really is a flip of a coin on which one of us will have it first. Probably all three simultaneously when the DOW finishes dropping off a cliff and the dollar face plants.
          If it makes you feel any better, China’s economy is absolutely imploding right now.

          I know people like to make comparisons with preWWII conditions… But man this is similar, with the immigrant crisis stacked on top of it for icing.
          There are a series of unfortunate events about to unfold and you can feel it like a storm’s static charge.

          • AmericanIntellectual

            I talked to some Germans from Dresden area on Facebook and Twitter, people in this part of Germany do not like Muslim migrants and guest workers in particular. It is not a “nazi riot” as mainstream media would say. Many Muslim immigrants in Germany are religious fanatics and are violently “anti-kuffar” or “anti-infidel” which means anti-German and anti-Christian. Dresden citizens do not want future ISIS or Al Qaeda fighters living next to them. Which is understandable. Dresden after WWII remained an overwhelmingly German city. Turks and Arabs with Islamic Fundamentalism are not welcome. So the muslim threat is very legitimate and serious. These riots and demonstrations are justified. Who wants violent bloodthirsty muslims in their city? Many demonstrations and riots in Germany had slogan “Hooligans against Salafists”. Salafist is a term for islamic fundamentalist religious fanatic. Both NPD and Pegida demonstrations had a focus against Muslim immigration, against salafist/wahhabi ideology and against new mosque construction.

          • AmericanIntellectual

            I talked to some Germans from Dresden area on Facebook and Twitter, people in this part of Germany do not like Muslim migrants and guest workers in particular. It is not a “nazi riot” as mainstream media would say. Many Muslim immigrants in Germany are religious fanatics and are violently “anti-kuffar” or “anti-infidel” which means anti-German and anti-Christian. Dresden citizens do not want future ISIS or Al Qaeda fighters living next to them. Which is understandable. Dresden after WWII remained an overwhelmingly German city. Turks and Arabs with Islamic Fundamentalism are not welcome. So the muslim threat is very legitimate and serious. These riots and demonstrations are justified. Who wants violent bloodthirsty muslims in their city? Many demonstrations and riots in Germany had slogan “Hooligans against Salafists”. Salafist is a term for islamic fundamentalist religious fanatic. Both NPD and Pegida demonstrations had a focus against Muslim immigration, against salafist/wahhabi ideology and against new mosque construction.

          • Whatever it takes to get their motors running and reverse course on this shit is fine with me.

          • “There are a series of unfortunate events about to unfold and you can feel it like a storm’s static charge.”

            Agree 100%. It almost feels as though someone somewhere is desperately throwing everything they have to try and start the big “something”. Like they know the tipping point is within reach and only needs a small nudge.

            I look around me at my fellow Englishmen and I despair. My local city has a few large mudslim nests. You see them after evening prayers, walking back to their lairs with their pyjamas on. I think how easily they could organise, man to man, mosque to mosque, city to city, even country to country. Then I look to my brothers, each shut away in his own home and, I despair.

            I only hope numbers and the old bulldog breed is enough for us to succeed in pushing every last parasitic invader off our shores and into the sea.

          • The ‘Bulldog breed’ only ever allowed themselves to be sicked on real Europeans and that is why if the kosher Government tells them to allow Muslims to overrun them, they will. It’s called serfdom.

          • They’ve just bled us nearly to death financially and filled our brains with jelly thinking this multiculturalism would actually work I think.
            Surprise! It doesn’t and now a season of regional uprisings is unavoidable.

          • The Jews managed this by taking down our communication. By taking over our media it is like they took over our immune system. They stop us identifying a problem and rallying our defenses.

            Now the only defense we have is on the web, waking up marginal people on facebook and the like and then putting them on the path to enlightenment.

            But there isn’t much time left. This invasion of Europe is a last chance for us.

          • You pander to the ‘moderate’ moslem crowd when you only target salafist or whoever in the chants. The whole broad spectrum is wrong.

        • FYI: -won’t belabor the issue here, -yet suffice to say again as before… THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A NUCLEAR BOMB OF ANY SORT! –is Jew-BS saber-rattling, which was clearly proven in WW2 faked non-event, –are all kilo-ton TNT/ Napom-phosphorous derivatives; –still terrible but no radiation threat (-except when insane warmongering Pentagon-jews throw-in spent-uranium for the insidious fun of it!)… ~R.vH

        • Oh, la, la! So nuclearly advanced and so backwardly in Calais!
          I hope they can figure out things better when reaching for nuclear arms than when they have to use a fly swatter against the swarms.

      • LOL :))) WHy don’t you go to Greece right now ? Why didn’t you go to Ukraine ?

        This is not the place to find fighters, these are keyboard warriors, mostly from the UK and USA. Americans just lost a bunch of states to the mexicans and the british have lost their own capital and these internet “patriots” just stood here and trolled news while it happened.

        Search for “How to start a state coup. Part1” on youtube.

        • What in the world would we do in Greece or the Ukraine?
          Stand around and look confused like they’re already doing, except speaking English.
          And doing anything here will get you imprisoned by a government that only prosecutes whites nowadays. And then no whites will even show up to support you. America isn’t there yet.

          You obviously aren’t from the South because Southerners remember Atlanta and Gettysburg very clearly.
          We know the ramifications of fighting the Feds, and that no one will show up to help.
          Been there, done that, got the battlefield memorial tshirt.
          We fought as a nation, with an entire army, till barefoot with bloody feet, and still couldn’t get the job done.
          Bloodiest war of our country’s history, all on Our soil.
          So spare me your tough talk about taking on the system.

          DC is going to have to collapse under the weight of its own corruption and that’s all there is to it.

          • if you say so, keyboard warrior

          • I do say so dipshit. Call me when your people successfully fight the empire…
            Mine got their back broken and are just now barely recovering from Reconstruction.
            Go to Gettysburg and Appomattox and learn some shit before opening your mouth about what it is to fight DC.

            You smell like a Fed plant trying to get people here to openly talk about violent action against the Federal government. Then the site can get shut down and Anglin can be liable for what some idiot or patsy does.
            I know I’m not going to get suckered like a McVeigh. So try that shit on some idiot teenager, preferably elsewhere.

    • We failed because we were against each other. Although my country was with The Axis, I hope that this time we all go through Hell together, all of us europeans united against our common enemy!

  24. Merkel and her family must be targeted,she must loose everything

    • Whatever the new Hague is after all is said and done…that place is going to have to run 24-7 to process the traitorous politicians and bankers alone.

    • White boys ain’t got the heart to take that sort of action. We’re not as brave and as honorable as Arabs, after all. Was there even a resistance movement in Germany after the capitulation? Nugatory. Hitler blew his brains out, and his sheeplike white followers fell into line like good little sheep. Japan is on the verge of rearming, meanwhile the German masochistic dumpfucks are rushing headlong towards extinction. And the jews just laugh and laugh and laugh at the ridiculous white animals.

      • you talk some shit about a warrior race of people

        Subject: Re: Comment on Anti-Immigrant Riot in Dresden!

        • Race of masochistic faggots and nigger loving whores is more like it. Without technological advantages, the white man is zero. Anywhere the non-whites attained technological parity and munitions, the white man was warred out. White are submissive and weak in one on one confrontations. I’ve seen white cowards back down from confrontation with blacks and browns over and over again. Exceptions don’t prove the rule.

          • Speak for your fucking self,Where are you from?lol

          • From the U.S. What have you drunken mics done to prevent your sluts from cavorting with nigras around Dublin? You slaughtered each other with abandon, but give afros the pass with your women? Pathetic.

          • Minor Minority of Whores is Dublin are with blacks you wet back faggot,we will take care of our Motherland,Americans are the ones who lets the side dowm

          • Not a wet back, you irish punk, but I’ll bet the wetbacks would have you wet your pants just by looking at your wrong, shit stain.

          • i can tell your a little pussy,are you in your periods?

          • Your whore of a sister probly has black babies you pussy

          • your not a Nationalist at all,your already defeated,you might aswell finish of the job,RIP

  25. First, they bombed Dresden to the ground. Then, they let the Reds turn it into a communist social experiment. Now, they are flooding it with 3rd world trash from every corner of Africa & the Middle East.

    You can only pump the Germans with so much holohoax propaganda and White guilt. The reality around them is more powerful than decades of state sponsored Marxist indoctrination and self hatred, and people are rising up.

    There is a cracking point, and the Germans are going to have a tough time ignoring it all when they can’t enjoy their sausage & beer without having Muslim ‘refugee’ set up a makeshift camp on the place of their next outdoor music festival. Someone’s gotta go, and I gotta feeling most Germans will rather it be Ugbad, the former Somali Pirate, as oppose to International Post-Funk DJ Hanz.

    • Let Dresden be the new ground zero from which we can say in the future; this is where the start of our Victory began, where we literally rose up from the ashes and smashed those who tried to vanquish us from the earth.

      • Dresden will perhaps be the first place in West Europe where the shit jewish american nigger army supported by rape immigrants will murder again germans.
        What is the shit jewish american nigger army doing in Ukraine, Iraq?

    • There is no breaking point. The masochistic depravity of white animals literally knows no boundaries. White Rhodesians and South Africans are an excellent case in point? Have those pathetic cowards done anything about their plight? White people are cowardly, masochistic, depraved scum. Plain and simple. No other group of people would put up with what twisted white vermin will put up with,.

  26. This just happened today ; Italian and Norway ships rescued 3000 invaders from the coast of Libya and bring them to Italy !!! Again, not close to coast of Italy,but Libya and bring them to Italy !!! I heard that Italian government got 2,4 billions EUROs bribe to harbor the invaders and help them not to drown. Stupid Italians, my grandparents call them GYPSIE , because they had a darker skin and dark hair . What a F***g Italian mud bastards !!!!

  27. Time and Pressure , it’s going to happen everywhere.

    • They tried boiling the frogs too quickly methinks.

      • Well, the frogs are taking it, but the Greeks and Germans look like they’ve had enough.

        • Problem is Dresden is a special case. Eastern Germany has a different mentality towards immigration, western germany instead is far from resisting yet. It has to do with history of the DDR eastern germany republic.

          • I’ll take what I can get.
            This is a far cry better than the prostrate grovelling the entire West has been doing my whole adult life.

          • The thing is, we had incidents of protest against immigration in western Germany in the 90s years. But it was settled by boombast media propaganda and mass demonstrations FOR immigration (under intense media programming though). Eastern province people see west germanies cities stuffed with alien hordes and compare this to their rather german cities, therefore chosing to let their cities stay german. Also they had intense propaganda in the DDR (Republic of Eastern Germany) and so they are more reluctant to follow the state and media propaganda today.

          • It’s reached a critical mass far beyond the 90’s.
            Plus, the world economy was booming in the 90’s.
            There’s no need or desire of new immigrants in any western country. We have no industry left to employ them, so by default they’ll take native jobs or go on the dole, either way heightening resentment beyond the normal irritation over cultural differences. Plus, the whole 9-11 (and various European attacks) factor.

          • Youre right we are in a different situation. I wanted to point out the fact, that western germans have a different attitude than eastern germans to immigration on average. By the way the bad thing is, Germany’s economy is thriving compared to our neighbors economy. We need a major economic downturn in Germany to set the resistance barrier lower.

          • Youre right we are in a different situation. I wanted to point out the fact, that western germans have a different attitude than eastern germans to immigration on average. By the way the bad thing is, Germany’s economy is thriving compared to our neighbors economy. We need a major economic downturn in Germany to set the resistance barrier lower.

          • They’ll have to suck Germany dry to bail out all the EU failures. That and the dollar going tits up ought to give you your wish. In spades.
            Pun intended.

          • I wish for eastern europe to turn firmly more anti-immigration, France and Italy as well, Britain maybe. AND if the USA would go this way, we would be left with: “ah well all those evil Nazi nations who once were our allies…” HAHA waiting for that.

          • From your lips to God’s ear.
            Yeah, that’ll be the kicker if the “allies” have to drag the former axis into line on (pro white) population reforms.

          • AmericanIntellectual

            East Germany remained overwhelmingly ethnically German and from 1945 to 1990 took in almost no immigrants. Except maybe occasional international college students from Vietnam and Cuba. West Germany got stuffed and overwhelmed with crazy numbers of Turkish gastarbeiters and also Arabs and Kurds later. West German regions of the Rhineland, Westfalia, Baden and Wurttemberg received 1 million Turkish guest workers in the 1970s alone. Also people in Dresden DO NOT want islamic fundamentalist insanity to come to their homes. Islamic Wahhabi fanatics believe that by beating or killing non-Muslim Germans they are fighting the war of “Dar-Al-Islam” against “Dar-al-Harb”. People in Eastern Germany see the threat that muslim immigration brings and they want to resist it. And German Nationalists are also aware of the hateful nature of muslim immigrants. Muslim immigration brings ethnic, religious and civilizational conflict right to the very streets of your cities.

          • Yep, but even in Eastern Germany the lying press(dubbed “L├╝genpresse” by the anti-Islamisation PEGIDA movement), and other (far)left groups like the Antifa scum managed to shut it down. The German authorities even outlawed one PEGIDA march with thousands of peaceful protestors, most of them with no affiliation to the NPD.

            Here is the german wikipedia article:


            On January 12, 2015, 25,000 people marched in Dresden, on August 10, only 3,000 people joined the protests.
            These protestors have become an ostracised and villified enemy of the German ZOG government, and that government has used some dirty tactics to weaken the movement. Even school children had to attend anti-Pegida demonstrations.

            Looks like Germany has to become another Sweden or France before groups like PEGIDA get more support from the brainwashed multicult-masses. It’s truly sickening.

          • I know all this, I am german. The state and media is all firing constant pro-immigration propaganda at all barrels. They may well reach a point where it gets overtly ridicolous, for sure if most neighboring countries will turn against immigration more and more. Time is still on our side, I would say. The perfect set up is when Germany turns LAST anti-immigration, because if we would turn first or soon, it would give ZOG mor ammunition to stop it in the other european nations.

          • Herr CrediThor – wanted to thank you for your series of excellent observations from within Deutschland. As you mentioned in another post, it’s more like a “camp” than a country with all that NSA spying, etc. The alte Hexe Merkel and her agenda continues. . When we think of your glorious past, we all can hope the best for the future of Germany and Europe and the slow awakening now of many. Danke nochmals.

          • Gegr├╝├čt seist Du Bruder. Danke Dir. We need to build connections for the aim of raising up the morale and preparing for worse times.

          • Sorry, i should have read your posts more carefully. I live in Austria and we somehow managed to fend off the muslim/black immigration onslaught, at least when you compare Austria to other western European Nations.
            I have to do more research, but the main factors that could explain this phenomenon are:
            1.) We didn’t need as many foreign workers from turkey after WW2. If the goddamned allies under jewry’s command haden’t carpetbombed Dresden or Hamburg and killed at least one million German POW’s at the rhine-meadow death camps, Germany would be in a far better position today.
            2.) The FP├ľ, our right wing party, get’s at least 20% of the votes and can’t be called a fringe and extremist party like the NPD.
            3.) It’s harder for asylum seekers to get accepted, that’s why most of them choose Britain, Germany, or the Netherlands as a “target country”.
            4.) We have a population of 8,5 million people with only 8000 jews. Less jews means less problems.

            The anti-White media in Germany has directed it’s wrath at the nationalists and the approx. 200 migrants and political opponents killed after the fall of the berlin wall by said nationalists.
            But these scumbags would never report that 7,500 ethnic Germans got killed and 3 million brutally assaulted by migrants during the same time period. Screw these bastards


            Edit: If you read the posted article, you’ll spot Anetta Kahane. Like all members of the tribe, this German jewess is an outspoken supporter of muslim immigration.


          • To point 1) I want to add that it was pressure from the USA on german CDU government departments which made the guestworker programs possible. The US pushed for this. You can be happy to be in Austria with the FP├ľ at 20%. We have nothing of that sort here. WHat worries me though, is that Strache sucks up to jews and hopefully this will not prevent a real solution in the future.

        • I see what you did there.

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