Anti-Pope Francis Says Fear of Immigration Makes You Crazy

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2019

The dynamic between this Francis character and the modern Church is quite interesting, especially if you compare it to the Church in the past. You’d have to try really hard to not see they’re opposites, reversed.

The Church is now upside down.


Pope Francis said Wednesday that fear of migration is “making us crazy” as he began a trip to Central America amid a standoff over President Donald Trump’s promised wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and a new caravan of migrants heading north.

Francis was asked by reporters about the proposed border wall Wednesday on the way to Panama, where he is looking to leave the sex abuse scandals buffeting his papacy behind. Francis responded: “It is the fear that makes us crazy.”

Everyone is trying really hard to portray every anti-immigration behavior as a fear or phobia, but the fact of the matter is that we just don’t want dark-skinned monkeys to flood our countries and corrode everything from within. We don’t need to give any explanation as to why we’re not opening our doors, because they’re our doors.

This is our land, and we decide what to do with it, and we don’t have to answer to anyone, especially not to estrogen-dominant feels-guided puppets of the Synagogue of Satan.

The Roman Catholic Church’s first Latin American pope and the son of Italian immigrants to Argentina, Francis has made the plight of migrants and refugees a cornerstone of his papacy. He is also expected to offer words of encouragement to young people gathered in Panama for World Youth Day, the church’s once-every-three-year pep rally that aims to invigorate the next generation of Catholics in their faith.

The cornerstone of his papacy is to help the enemies of the people that are the reason his Church still exists, and that makes sense because something something the other cheek.

I’m noticing some tendencies for self-harm there.

Panama Archbishop Jose Domingo Ulloa said Francis’ message is likely to resonate with young Central Americans who see their only future free of violence and poverty in migrating to the U.S. — “young people who often fall into the hands of drug traffickers and so many other realities that our young people face.”

Of course it is likely to resonate with the beaners, because they’re the only ones that benefit from it.

Francis famously has called for “bridges, not walls.” After celebrating Mass in 2016 on the Mexican side of the U.S. border, he denounced anyone who wants to build a wall to keep out migrants as “not Christian.”

According to the “Pope,” not letting people kill you is “not Christian.”

Christianity is now officially a suicide self-harm masochist cult, at least according to Francis and most of the Church. But the Church has been corrupted. This is not our Church, this is heresy.

This is the Anti-Pope.

He works for the Synagogue of Satan.

The Inquisition will soon be born out of the ashes of the veil that’s been covering our eyes for so long. The Church will be purged. Heretics will be burned.

Order will be restored… and we shall have… peace.

If you think the Empire are the bad guys, you’ve been deceived.

Sheev Palpatine was a hero, a white man with a vision, demonized by the Jews after getting too close to annihilating them.

His fortitude was unmatched. Not even a diversity squad was a match for his strength and smarts.

He dreamed of a galaxy free from parasites, and he fought for an ethnogalaxy for his people.

He Jewed the galactic Jews. He beat them at their own game, and seized control of Coruscant.

The original trilogy and the prequel trilogy have very different meanings once you’re aware of the Jews. They serve as pretty good arguments in favor of the Galactic Empire, and once you really look into the big picture, you realize the Emperor was actually the good guy.

You realize that it’s okay to create a clone army of brown subhumans to fight your wars for you.

But then you realize that it being okay doesn’t make it effective, and you quickly switch to an army of highly capable white men.

Don’t fall for the “stormtroopers are dumb and can’t aim” meme, it’s propaganda. If they were that harmless, how come they’ve conquered the galaxy? Because “something something the Emperor is evil”? It’s the same as “white men are actually incompetent fools lol the women and people of color are actually the brains behind everything.”

Everything you thought was wrong about the Galactic Empire is just another layer of Jewish conditioning.

Break free of your chains.