Anti-Russian Blood Libel in the UK Again – More Fake Poisonings, This Time of Random British People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2018

So the Russian poisoning thing dropped off after Russia kept asking uncomfortable questions about evidence and Britain’s only explanation was “well, we don’t have evidence per se, but who else would do it?”

That was literally their explanation.

But people were all like

And then when the victims survived, and were then apparently banned by the British government from speaking to the media, the story just disappeared from the news.

Because either they were in on it and the whole thing was fake, or the British government screwed up, intending to kill them and failed. Either way, whatever they said to the media was going to be not helpful.

The British proceeded to destroy all evidence – not only the Russians were banned from examining it, but every other country and international body.

This is the way they do blood libel on Russia – they come up with these insane narratives and hoaxes that they know are going to fall apart eventually, and just run them into the ground until they fall apart and then just remove them from the media completely.

The general public does not notice the disappearance of the story, because they’ve moved on to some other sensational nonsense, but the “Russia is bad” thing sticks in their heads.

But now we’ve got a meeting with Trump and Putin coming up, which the UK is freaking out about, so…

Daily Beast:

It was already billed as one of the tensest summits in NATO’s 69-year history, and that strain has been dramatically increased by news that two more people have been struck down on British soil by the deadly Russian nerve agent Novichok.

A British couple is in critical condition at a hospital in Salisbury after coming into contact with the poison, which was likely left behind after the attempted assassination of Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

Scotland Yard’s head of counterterrorism announced that tests on the couple, who collapsed at home on Saturday, had confirmed fears that the nerve agent had struck again. It is not known how Dawn Sturgess, 44, and Charlie Rowley, 45, came across the substance, but police cordoned off a public park in Salisbury as they tried to locate the source.

The Skripals managed to survive the first known Novichok attack outside Russia, but relations between London and Moscow remain at a breaking point. Britain accused Russia of carrying out the attack, a claim the Russian ambassador ridiculed during a series of inflammatory press conferences in the heart of London.

The infection of two British citizens so long after the initial attack highlights just how reckless the assassination attempt was.

While Britain continues to boycott Russia’s World Cup—no British officials or dignitaries have attended the tournament—the White House announced last week that Trump and Putin would hold their first formal summit in Helsinki, Finland, just a few days after the NATO meeting.

Yeah, how convenient is it that a discredited hoax which Theresa May herself admitted she had no evidence of is being brought back right now.

It truly is tiresome.

It just never ends.

And we have no major media outlet to call this bullshit out.