Anti-Semitic Artificial Intelligence Accurately Assesses Awesomeness

Daily Stormer
March 27, 2017

In PewDiePie’s latest video, he tries out a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) program that measures, with absolute scientific certainty, the probability of a picture being “awesome.”

To his chagrin, he discovered that his own awesomeness probability is only somewhere between 0.1% to something like 30% “probably awesome.”

That’s simply not awesome enough. In the cutthroat game of trying to be hip in The Current Year, nothing less than 90% awesome will even get you into the club, whether you’re wearing underwear or not, so I think it was likely a highly enlightening experience for Pewds and most of his subscribers to learn what actually is awesome, when measured in an unbiased, mathematical manner.

Turns out Nazis are the most awesome people on the planet, according to AI.

Now you may say, “But Azz, this can’t possibly be accurate, after all, what does a computer know about awesomeness?”

Well, I work on these interwebs and I’m here to tell you that computers are absolutely infallible and they know everything. Don’t believe me? Ask the government!

The Fuhrer did quite well, obviously.

Commander Rockwell made out like a champ. 98.9%. Not bad at all, high on the interesting scale.

Or how about the author of this article, Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador?

So, it is quite clear that Nazi = awesome. But you, dear reader, already understand this.

Now, not only is AI fond of Nazis, it absolutely hates Jews, for example:

Below, we have everyone’s dream girl, the Crimean Prosecutie. 99.0%. Not bad.

Then, let’s compare her to an infamous Jewess. Amy Winehouse, for example. 0.0%. They’re being kind, but okay.

The sophistication of the program is unbelievable. It seems to have no limitations. Simple political ideologies, Jew or not Jew, these are a piece of cake for a program that can measure the awesomeness potential of races, sexual identities, genders (both real and fake), and just about anything else that needs the awesome factor accurately quantified.

So without further ado, I will post more relevant images, and allow you, the reader, to detect any patterns that may exist here.

It’s no wonder the Jew fears AI.

So when people tell you there’s no reason to think that Whites are cool, Nazis are awesome, and all others are lesser beings bereft of any measurable amount of hip, just tell them that it has all been scientifically calculated by the most advanced technology, and if they don’t believe you, tell them to check the results for themselves.

In the meantime, click here and have a blast. This is the most fun game you’ll play all month!