Anti-Semitism Rising Rapidly Across Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2018

More and more people hate the poor, vulnerable Jews.

Can you imagine that?

These innocents have been hated for thousands of years, everywhere they go, for literally no reason at all. Nothing. They never did a single thing to anyone, ever.

That’s why there is no talk about the cause of anti-Semitism: because there is literally no cause.


Anti-Semitism is getting worse and Jews are increasingly worried about the risk of harassment, according to a major survey of 12 EU countries.

Hundreds of Jews questioned by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency said they had experienced a physical, anti-Semitic attack in the past year, while 28% said they had been harassed.

France is identified as having the biggest problem with anti-Semitism.

Germany, the UK, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands also saw incidents.

On the day the report was released, the Italian police said they were investigating the theft of 20 memorial plaques commemorating the Holocaust.

The small brass plaques – dedicated to members of a Jewish family, De Consiglio – were dug out from Rome’s pavements during the night.

What are the main findings?

The Vienna-based FRA paints a picture of synagogues and Jewish schools requiring security protection; of “vicious commentary” on the internet, in media and in politics; and of discrimination at school and work.

The report comes weeks after a gunman murdered 11 people at a synagogue in the US city of Pittsburgh.

Six years after its initial report, the FRA has surveyed Jews in the 12 EU states where most Jews live.

The report says anti-Semitic abuse has become so common that most victims do not bother reporting the incidents. Among the findings:

-89% of the 16,395 Jews surveyed considered anti-Semitism online a problem in their country

-28% experienced some form of harassment for being Jewish in the past 12 months; 2% were physically attacked

-47% worry about anti-Semitic verbal insult or harassment and 40% about physical attack in the next 12 months

-34% have avoided Jewish events at least occasionally because of safety fears

-38% have considered emigrating in the past five years over safety fears

It is never clear whether or not we’re talking about an exclusively Moslem issue or a Moslem issue and a white issue. It is also never clear how much Jews are lying about “rising anti-Semitism.”

It’s obvious that the better part of is due to Moslems, just by looking at the fact that Germany is at the top and Hungary is at the bottom.

And I suspect 100% of the “physical attacks” are Moslems. White people are not really the “random physical attack” type of people. But self-reported animosity towards Jews rising among white people is something I think must be happening.

The reality fact is that more people are accessing alternative news sources on the internet, and it is virtually impossible to find an alternative news source in 2018 that isn’t talking about Jews.

Jewish control has simply become too obvious to be denied by really anyone, other than the Jews themselves. Furthermore, although anti-Semitism is illegal in Europe, it is not as heavily monitored if it is in languages other than English, so there is presumably a lot more of it floating around on mainstream social media sites.

In the longer term, Jews cannot stop a global uprising against them, which is why they’re moving toward ever more aggressively authoritarian measures, as well as forcibly pushing weird chaos on the people.

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