Anti-Speech Activist Sebastian Gorka’s YouTube Channel Shut Down for Copyright Violation

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2019

Last night, I saw that Sebastian Gorka’s YouTube channel had been shut down.

People were laughing about it, and bragging about it.

It is very funny, because Gorka has been an aggressive advocate of censorship, calling for DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZGUSTING anti-Semitism to be removed from Twitter.

But I just figured people mass reported him as a joke and he would be back up again soon.

But no.

It turns out that the band “Imagine Dragons” had been asking him to stop using their song, and he’d been refusing. So he got shut down not on censorship grounds, but on legitimate copyright infringement grounds.

That is a lot harder to appeal. Especially after you’ve been asked to fix the issue and have refused to do so.

Does that mean Imagine Dragons groyps?

Anyway – funny story.

According to all reports, he had already deleted his chat yesterday before YouTube came in and deleted his channel. So as soon as he decided our fun was over, his fun ended.

He’s released a short statement on the banning:

If you have time, keep calling into his terrestrial radio show every day at 3 PM EST. Just make the call and leave it on in the background, you don’t have to be able to hear the show.

Ask him about why he supports the Jews attacking our USS Liberty and ask him if he wants more American soldiers to be killed by the Jews. Also ask him if he still listens to Imagine Dragons now that they got his channel banned.

Here’s a new clip of Seb trying to get in Candace Owens’ pants by talking about how his dad was a Nazi tortured by communists.

His Nazi father must be rolling in his Nazi grave as his fat boomer son goes around with his kike-loving whales trying to shut down the freedom of speech of anyone who questions the total Jewish domination of America.

Because please understand: any “anti-communism” in Hungary has always been “anti-Semitism” because basically the entire communist party was Jewish. There was no real difference between anti-communist uprising in Hungary and anti-Jewish pogroms.

But he wants to go out there and talk up his family’s resistance to the Jews while attacking “anti-Semitism”?