Anti-Trump Rat Gets Primaried! It’s Happening! Rats Out!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2018

The pro-Trump candidate… is not a tranny I’m pretty sure. But yeah, we all thought that when we first saw her. 

Steve Bannon, the famous chef who was attempting to run primaries to replace cuckservatives, may have hanged himself with a bath robe, but nonetheless, the primary challenges continue.

An anti-Trump rat just got primaried and replaced with a Trumpist in South Carolina.


Rep. Mark Sanford, a South Carolina Republican who’s a critic of President Donald Trump, will lose his GOP primary to his conservative challenger, state Rep. Katie Arrington, CNN projects.

The outcome — one that national Republicans working on House races said as recently as Tuesday morning they did not anticipate — is another sign that GOP primary voters are rejecting lawmakers who break with Trump.

Trump endorsed Arrington hours before the polls closed Tuesday in a tweet attacking Sanford for being “very unhelpful to me in my campaign to MAGA.”

Last week in Alabama, GOP Rep. Martha Roby — who had called on Trump to exit the 2016 race after the “Access Hollywood” tape became public — was held under 50% in her primary and forced into a runoff.

On Tuesday night, Sanford told supporters gathered in Mount Pleasant, “I’ve always been a realist, and at this point, based on the numbers I see, I think that I’ll end up losing this election.”

In his tweet, Trump referenced a 2009 scandal in which Sanford, then the governor, disappeared for several days. He first claimed he’d been “hiking the Appalachian Trail” but later admitted to an extramarital affair in Argentina.

That’s funny.

Funny that he was able to stay in power after that too. I didn’t even know this story.

I guess 2009 was before metooism, but wow – disappearing for an affair in South America? It takes a powerful figure… or a figure with a lot of power behind them… to get over that.

But he couldn’t get over the PEACEMAKER Donald J. Trump, the bane of Canadian filth.


These primaries are largely a referendum on Trumpism that is more important that the midterms themselves. Ousting anti-Trump rats within the party is in some ways more important than ousting Democrats.

And it’s happened multiple times already.

Although we’re going to be ousting Democrats too.

We have insane momentum right now.

The Russia hoax has completely collapsed, Trump is going to get the Nobel Peace Prize. There were libshits who hate Trump all over comments saying “wow, I hate Trump but he sure did a nice job with world peace, wow.”


This is about turning the GOP into the Trump Party AKA the White Party, and this is happening. These old cuckservatives who were the masterminds of the “free trade” agenda don’t have the nerve to even comment on Trump’s destruction of that particular agenda.

They render unto the conqueror, or they are removed.