Anti-White Cop Suspended for Racist Comment Reinstated by Board

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2017

You want to know how a cop can execute a complaint, terrified married father of two Daniel Shaver as he begs for his life?

It’s not just tailored-for-negroes police protocol that’s the problem. The ideological training cops receive convinces them that it’s okay to kill white people.

White privilege means you can kill and harass white citizens with no political repercussions. The media won’t report it like with a minority because they don’t need rights or advocates, they have their privilege!

Some hermaphrodite named Carri Weber recently made headlines for racially abusing a white police officer during a mandatory cultural Marxist propaganda class. The officer complained and Weber was placed on administrative leave.

Fellow homosexuals and cat ladies on the administrative board have reinstated this creature. Telling someone “you’re wrong because of your race” is allowed in a work place environment as long as the person you’re talking to is white.

Fox 59:

Plainfield’s Board of Police Commissioners have decided to return Capt. Cari Weber to her duties after making comments at a training session.

Capt. Carri Weber was placed on administrative leave on Nov. 16 after making comments that some say were controversial.

During a transgender awareness training seminar, a colleague of Weber said he didn’t understand a statistic.

Weber responded, “You wouldn’t with your white male privilege.” The incident was caught on camera.

A letter of reprimand will be placed in Weber’s file. She was on paid admin. leave in part following comment on white privilege at training.

Most cops in this generation will fall asleep or go through the motions with this garbage just to keep their job.

But who says the next generation of more “diverse,” more militarized and more brainwashed cops won’t take stuff like “transgender awareness training seminars” seriously?

Do you see what’s going on? Every institution in America is being trained to kill and oppress white people. The whites who sell their soul for a paycheck better get with the program. As our society continues “progressing,” the racially abused cops complaining will be drummed out for being back talking crackers!

Sure, this Europhobic tranny is probably of European descent, but it identifies as a degenerate first and foremost. If the system says Jews can be anti-Semitic, whites can be anti-white.