Anti-White Sportscaster (((ESPN))) Losing 10,000 Subscribers Per Day

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

The advent of the internet and customized entertainment has made it difficult for Jews to compel white males to sit their and listen to them trying to convince us we’re sexually, athletically and morally inferior to non-whites – the cracks in the information monopoly have led to us realizing the opposite is true.

(((Disney’s))) ESPN and other forms of Jew-run sports media have sought to politicize the trivial breads and circuses they hock by driving a model man like Tim Tebow out of the NFL, convicting the young white men via trial by media in the Duke LaCrosse rape hoax (while constantly covering-up actual black-on-white rape), and banishing Curt Schilling for saying what most Americans believe about transsexuals on his own time.

And then there is their racialized approach to the sports themselves, which blames the lack of a successful black quarterback in the majority Negro NFL on racism, while at the same time demonizing and reaching for faults in whites showing skill in traditionally black roles like running back.

This is all starting to catch up to them. ESPN’s decline is actually mind-blowing; the downward spiral of this sports empire is even starting to weight down the stock of heavily diversified and massive Jewish megalith Disney.

The Inquisitr:

ESPN has become a drag on the earnings of parent company Disney as cord-cutters unsubscribe in droves.

“A floundering ESPN, with rising costs and declining viewership, continued to sink Disney’s financial results during its fiscal first quarter,” MarketWatch noted.

With its movie franchises and theme parks, Disney is and should be doing fine, but the 1Q revenue was down 3 percent and profit plummeted 14 percent because of its sports media investment.

“The world-wide leader in sports lost subscribers, while average viewership and advertising rates declined and programming costs grew,” MarketWatch added.

Through the end of 2016, Bristol, Connecticut-based ESPN had lost about 12 million subscribers from a 100 million high in 2011.

In an essay posted at Outkick the Coverage, Travis argues that ESPN is tanking in the ratings generally because of an emphasis on political correctness and progressive political activism, thereby alienating 75 percent of the viewership who just want to watch sports, sports highlights, or discussions directly sports related.

Travis also claims that many conservatives work for ESPN, including those in front of the camera, but they are too intimidated by the network culture to reveal their actual political views

Like him or not, outspoken former Red Sox star Curt Schilling lost his baseball commentary gig on ESPN because of controversial social media activity that supposedly violated the company’s no-politics rule. Since then, however, ESPN seems have gone all-in on politics, starting perhaps with the extensive coverage of the Colin Kaepernick take-a-knee national anthem protest, and continuing with constant chatter about Super Bowl winner Tom Brady’s friendship with President Trump, which players on championship teams will or won’t visit the White House, and other such issues.

Jewish Media was never meant to be profitable. If it was, every newspaper and network would have an editorial line akin to current-day Fox News or Breitbart. If tomorrow the New York Times had 0 subscribers, it would continue churning out fake news through grants and private subsidization (albeit perhaps on a smaller scale).

The way Jews are able to keep stuff like ESPN running on the Kill Whitey track is by acquiring guaranteed income streams that make up for losses elsewhere, e.g., Disney acquiring the Star Wars franchise, which produces films that millions of nerds will see multiple times no matter how bad it is.

In response to this, the goal of every white man should be to live closer to minimalism and to seek “alternative” forms of accessing content you just must have. It might be in vain, but at least you have stopped paying people who want to kill you.