Antifa Does the Bit Again in Portland

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2018

I thought that there was so much backlash that antifa, like Black Lives Matter, was having their funding cut and shutting it down.

They haven’t been around in months, after a big public thing where people were like, “wtf is this shit? a mob of masked hoodlums attacking people on the streets and then escaping? do we live in a society?”

I guess Portland didn’t get the memo.

Fox News:

Viral videos of bloody skirmishes between right-wing activists and self-described anti-fascists have drawn national attention to Portland, Oregon — a city of storied political activism that has struggled to keep the peace at dueling rallies illustrating a microcosm of the nation’s political division.

Tensions erupted most recently this month when members of the so-called “antifa” movement showed up at a march organized by a right-wing group called Patriot Prayer.

As police tried to keep order, fist fights broke out in a string of downtown parks fringed with aspen trees and dotted with plaques honoring Portland’s founders and fallen World War II soldiers.

Videos from the conflict on social media show one man being knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly as he covers his head with his hands. In another, a man lying on the ground is dragged away from a group of attackers, his face bloodied. In a third, two men — including one wearing homemade body armor — take swings at a third man who is backed against a wall with his arms raised.

Here’s a 2.5 hour video.

This happened a week ago, and I’m just now reading about it – because Fox News is just now reporting on it.

So the national media did bury this.

A quick search shows that until 12 hours ago, it was only local Oregon media reporting on this.

If you scroll down, you see a few spammy-type right wing sites reported on it over the last few days, finally leading up to national coverage on Fox.

They really tried to keep it quiet.

Police made four arrests June 3 in and around the parks, which have become gathering places for dissent in this liberal city already known for near-weekly protests.

And in this city that patiently waits out traffic jams caused by protests, residents wondered how free speech had turned so violent.

Protesters here traditionally have demonstrated together for their causes. But over the past year a different type of political activism has shattered the unanimity normally seen among demonstrators, said longtime Portland resident Jon Baldivieso.

“It obscures better forms of political speech,” he said. “It feels different when protests are more one-sided and not skirmishes between ideological factions. …I’ve got very low patience for physical confrontation.”

Yeah, that is the general consensus among everyone other than Antifa. And of course, whoever is paying Antifa.

Their stated goal is to silence “fascist” speech because “the ideas are a form of violence.”

They will also tell you that they know people will agree with the ideas if they hear them, so that is why they want to shut them down. Obviously, it’s the same deal with what the ADL/SPLC does to internet speech.

Censorship is a form of violence.

If their ideas are correct – and assuming their premise of liberal democracy, where every single person is a completely empowered individual, capable of rational thought is correct – why can’t we just have an open discussion?