Antifa Mob Outside Tucker’s House: “Tucker Carlson, We Will Fight – We Know Where You Sleep at Night!”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2018


His wife was home alone at the time.

Fox News:

Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” was not home at the time. He said his wife, Susie, was home alone and heard the commotion from the kitchen. She called the police and locked herself into a pantry, he said. His brother — who lives close by — arrived about the same time as law enforcement.

The host said activists rang his doorbell, broke his oak door and one protester was apparently caught on security video mentioning a pipe bomb.

Carlson said he is used to being confronted in public and has no interest in playing the role of victim, but he said his wife and his four children should not have to be exposed to the aggression while at home.

“Here’s the problem, I have four children,” he said by phone. “I never thought twice about leaving them home alone, but this is the reaction because this group doesn’t like my TV show.”

Original article follows.

These are antifa right up at Tucker Carlson’s front door, chanting that they are planning to murder him.

They live tweeted about it as they were mobbed up on his lawn.

They of course cited the SPLC.

Because these people work for the SPLC.

They are the Jewish Police – the foot soldiers of the most powerful group on earth. A group which in America can’t yet use the secret police to knock on people’s doors in the middle of the night.

I don’t know what you would call this other than a Purge-like death threat.

These are men in masks in front of a man’s home, banging on the door and demanding to be let in.

The Jewish SPLC has hunted me (and my family).

They have pressured the Jewish-run DOJ into wrongfully arresting RAM and others who defended themselves against their attacks at Charlottesville.

They have shut down and attempted to financially ruin Alex Jones.

They’ve pushed for the arrest and hate crimes charges against the Proud Boys.

It is only natural that the next target of violence would be Tucker Carlson.

We’ve got a new Justice Department now.

It’s time to investigate exactly what is going on with the SPLC/Antifa machine.

These people need to be called up on RICO charges. The idea that they are just allowed to organize mobs outside of people’s houses and threaten to murder them is absolutely insane.

Do we even live in a society?