Antifa Publish Information on Nick Fuentes – Claim They Got the Info from TPUSA

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2019

On the face of it, I don’t know if I believe or do not believe the claim by “Chicago Anti-Fascist Action” that they got their dox information on Nick Fuentes from Turning Point USA members.

What I do know is that if TPUSA does not come out and unequivocally denounce Chicago Antifa, and denounce any of their attempts to harass and intimidate Nick Fuentes, then it sure is going to look a lot like they are indeed working with them.

We are all calling on TPUSA to give an immediate statement on Antifa and how they feel about their members working with Antifa to dox and harass conservatives who disagree with them on mass immigration and aid to Israel.

Remember: there is a lot more distance between us and TPUSA than there is between TPUSA and Antifa.

TPUSA and Antifa agree on:

  • Mass nonwhite immigration
  • Completely replacing the native population of white countries with brown people
  • “Nations don’t really exist, it’s only ideas”
  • Silencing the free speech of right-wingers (“Nazi anti-Semites,” as both groups call us)
  • Unlimited unconditional support for Israel and Jews

What do they even disagree about?

Tax rates?

School vouchers?

The privatization of toll roads?

Certainly, there is no substantive disagreement, and I would not be at all surprised to see more cooperation between Antifa and TPUSA to fight against Groypers.