#AntifaTerrorists Trending on Twitter After Andy Ngo Attack

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2019

I knew that all it would take for boomers to get mad about the endless attacks by the FBI’s street squad Antifa was for a gay gook to get got.

The Saturday attack in Portland on the Quillette journalist Andy Ngo has led to a major backlash. The do-nothing face-talker Ted Cruz is calling for the Mayor of Portland to be sanctioned by the federal government for telling police to allow Antifa to attack people.

And #AntifaTerrorists is trending on Twitter.

Of course, because Twitter is moderated by the Anti-Defamation League – a Jewish-Israeli terrorist group – almost every post that shows up when you click the hashtag is supporting Antifa.

It did indeed start out trending with people complaining about Antifa being terrorists, but now it is all just apologists that are being promoted.

It’s possible that Twitter is actually using this hashtag to find accounts to ban. They definitely don’t like people talking badly about the Jewish darlings of Antifa.

However, if you click “latest tweets,” you can see that it is still being used by people who don’t think masked men should be legally allowed to attack and shut down people who are just trying to express political views.

But I mean – it’s stuff like this:

For those who don’t know, it’s Andy on the right and the one on the left is a white student pouring a milkshake on a black civil rights protester. It must have been a Democrat back then – because Democrats are the real racists. And maybe Antifa is somehow racist or whatever. After all – Andy Ngo is a gay gook.

Maybe that’s why they attacked him?”, wonders the always confused boomer.

Jewish pro-Israel activist Laura Loomer published an article about how milkshaking is racist (using the same picture that tweeter used).

From it:

We have seen this before. During the civil rights era in the 60’s, rabid racist Democrats would regularly pour or throw beverages on blacks who were engaging in peaceful sit-in protests at local drugstores and diners. They would eventually escalate to brutal beatings, lynchings and other acts of savagery that marked a very dark point in American history. You can read about it here…

It comes as no surprise that these same tactics are now being used by the alt-left and cheered on by the media in this country. They have become so disconnected with their own sanity and reality of the world around them that they no longer view anyone who supports Trump to be a human. They doxx us, deplatform us, debank us, shame us, violently attack us. This is what Trump supporters and conservatives are up against.

“Doxx” (it’s spelled “dox” and the continuous form is “doxing”) and the phrase “disconnected with their own sanity” in the same paragraph.

This is why we lose, people.

Proving you’re not a racist should not be on your list of important things to do. Even if you’re not a racist. This is not a real issue. You do not win by calling leftists “the real racists.” You do not win by spelling words incorrectly and using weird, awkward phrases.

Here’s a video from the same Portland event Andy Ngo was attacked at showing an old man getting beaten with a crowbar and punched by a crowd of people.

It really, really makes you angry to watch that.

It makes you want to go to these protests and fight back against these kikes.

But understand, that’s what it’s designed to do. The FBI agents that organize Antifa want you to go and fight them, so they can hit you with federal charges.

That is one of their main purposes.

The first purpose, of course, is just the obvious one: to shut down freedom of speech in America.

Unlike Europe, where they can just arrest you if you complain about immigration or tranny child molesters at the library, we have a First Amendment in America. They’ve figured out a way to shut everyone down on the internet – “it’s private companies, goyim, and libertarianism is more important than the Constitution” – but they can’t use private companies to stop people from protesting in the streets.

So they formed a private police force in the form of Antifa. They actually serve the same function as the tech companies, in that they come in and shut down your freedom of speech and then, when you complain to the government saying “what about my rights tho?”, the government says “sorry pal, there’s nothing we can do.”

Remember that Project Veritas video with the New York Times editor saying he was friends with James Comey and worked with him when he was in Antifa?

It appears that this person, Nicholas Dudich, just made that story up to impress the chick with the hidden camera (a Veritas employee, who I assume is probably hot, who had gotten a fake job at the NYT to spy). But for whatever reason, a Times employee had the idea in his mind that Antifa is run by the FBI.

You can just say this as a self-evident fact though. You literally do not need any evidence in order to make this claim. The Justice Department refuses to prosecute these people for literally firebombing cars in DC.

If they were not assets of the federal government, they wouldn’t be allowed to firebomb cars in the capitol.

Furthermore, they would have been RICO’d as soon as they started launching these attacks. I mean, this is an organized group operating across the country to do terrorist attacks on political protests of the supporters of the president of the United States. And the Justice Department won’t even investigate it.

And you could try to say “oh but maybe they are just using them for their own purposes” – that would of course be bad enough. But they wouldn’t let these people operate like this unless they were at the very least heavily infiltrated by informants.

And that certainly wouldn’t be hard to do – they let Steven Crowder join.

The mask came off when Dino Capuzzo, an FBI agent, used Antifa as a source when filing a criminal complaint against RAM. In what context does it make sense that the federal police are using a terrorist group as a source for criminal filings?

The only possible context is “these are our guys.”

As far as the old man who got beat with the crowbar – don’t worry about him.

He’s just happy that black unemployment is so low.