Apple Store Removes Game for Using “People from Specific Government or Other Real Entity as The Enemies.”

Daily Stormer
December 8, 2018

Meh, I’ve seen better

The rules by which these big corporations function are getting dumber and more arbitrary by the day.

And that makes me happy, since virtually all of them are (((globalist))), anti-White organizations, so anything bad that happens to them is by default good for us.

What makes me sad is that there’s no concerted effort on our side to use this against them.

There are tons of games on their store that use real-life enemies, and every single one of you reading this should go report them ASAP, as well as search for other stupid crap like this and exploit it to the maximum.


Developer Slitherine’s strategy game Afghanistan ’11 has been pulled from the iOS App Store, a rejection that comes more than a year after the game first launched on the platform.

Why did this take a year?

Did they just make up this absurd thing, or are they really that incompetent?

The reason for the sudden pull, as explained to the dev in an email from Apple, is that the game features “people from specific government or other real entity as the enemies.”

How many games are there where your enemies are Hitler and other ebil nazis?

A ton, I think.

And those are specific people from a real entity too.

They might even still be alive and planning a comeback *fingers crossed*

Afghanistan ’11 is, as the name would suggest, is a strategy game based on actions taken by the United States in Afghanistan after the events of 9/11. That subject matter naturally includes conflicts between the US forces occupying the country and the Taliban, though Slitherine tells Polygon that the game is more about building infrastructure and offering support to Afghan civilians than outright combat against the Taliban.

Does it include giving various (((corporations))) hundreds of billions in no-bid government contracts without any oversight?

Because if not, then your game is pretty unrealistic.

Apple has, in the past, taken similar sudden actions against games based on historical events. In 2015, the company removed Ultimate General: Gettysburg and several other games from the App Store over in-game use of the Confederate flag, though that particular decision was eventually reversed.

The Confederacy was also a real thing, with real people in it (I checked on Wikipedia).

Why can you have those as enemies, but not sandniggers from Afghanistan?

I don’t really use any of this stuff – I’ve never owned an Apple product in my life, and I doubt I ever will – but I do know that any kind of site or store or any other business related to these big corporations are the enemy, and we should look to hurt them as much as possible, and using their own rules against them is a very effective way, probably even more effective than boycotting.

Learn their “principles and values” shit by heart, and abuse them in whatever way you can, especially ways that bring some kind of discomfort to the NPCs using the service.

All of these companies are far too large to enforce their own increasingly idiotic rules, so us doing this on a large scale would be catastrophic.