Are the Communist Chinese Plotting to Wipe Us Out with Deadly Flu Bioweapons?

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2018

I hope you have your gas mask ready. Uh, gas masks protect you against the flu, right?

You better start believing in bio-weapon wars.

You’re in one.


Diseases can spread incredibly rapidly throughout a population, and as past outbreaks of infections diseases have demonstrated it’s incredibly important that scientists have time to prepare for new strains so they can adequately treat patients.

Despite some major differences between our two countries, medical professionals in the United States and China have long been on the same page when it comes to preparing for these types of events. It looks like that might be changing, as China is now withholding samples of a deadly new flu from scientists and officials in the United States.

Those goddamn communist Chinese.

Why didn’t we listen to the one man who warned you about them?

Actually, I didn’t mean Jones, though he did mention how they control all of our media.

Now that Trump cockblocked the Chinese’s dirty scheme to destroy America through unfair trade deals, they’ll resort to “plan B.”

Plan B is wiping us out with a deadly flu epidemic.

As the New York Times reports, China has verified samples of a new strain of avian flu called H7N9. It’s a dangerous virus that could cause massive problems if it were to spread throughout an unprepared population, but despite repeated requests from US officials it seems China has little interest in helping the United States study the strain.

Of course not.

We must be totally unprepared when China starts dropping infected poultry from undetectable stealth planes all over America.

This is the most terrifying weapon I can imagine.

Both the United States and China are members of the World Health Organization, and a sharing of medical knowledge and samples has been common for a long time. By sending samples of new diseases to each other, both countries can study them, assess the risks, and develop plans of action if the strains were to spread on a large scale.

These kinds of agreements benefit both countries. Citizens of the United States and China regularly travel to each other’s shores, so it makes sense that both countries would want the other’s populations to be free of diseases that could spread through travel. However, the increased tensions with China over trade may be spreading to the country’s medical community, causing Chinese researchers to hold back vital information and samples.

Presumably, the Chinese will immunize all their citizens before starting their biological attack. Or not, I guess they have too many people anyway.

The Chinese Zerg-type hivemind won’t mind sacrificing a few hundred million of its drones if it can bring down the great Western enemy.

H7N9 is a particularly deadly strain of bird flu, and it’s already killed hundreds in China. The disease jumped from poultry populations to humans, and nearly half of the 750+ confirmed cases in China resulted in death.

Presuming, for a moment, that China isn’t trying to kill us all with some deadly new strain of the flu (a big stretch, I know), why are they withholding the data from us?

Well, it could be to improve their hand in the upcoming trade negotiations, putting the sharing of epidemiological information on the table as one of the cards to be played. But then, America could do the same thing. It’s a two way street, and China would have essentially nothing to gain from losing access to Western data.

Alternatively, it could be just to spite us and create bad PR for Trump. If a bunch of people in America die from the disease, it might give ammunition to Trump’s enemies, who’d blame the poor relationship with China on Trump.

But then,Trump could blame any deaths occurring here on China being assholes.

So this is, overall, a pretty dumb move on China’s part.

Unless the bioweapon theory is true.