Arizona and Utah: Live on The Daily Stormer!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2016


Alright, so we’ve got a LEVEL ONE HAPPENING in Brussels right now – 34 dead by kebab.

But there is something else going on today – a Presidential primary.

Utah and Arizona are voting.

Arizona – 58 delegates

Utah – 40 delegates

Arizona is winner-take-all and Utah is “winner-take-most” (that’s actually what the media is calling it).


I have personally pretty well written-off Utah. I could of course be pleasantly surprised. But Utah is a caucus, and it is a total cuck state. It is Mormon, and Mormons are very naive/loyal to their “leaders.” Both Mormon Mitt Romney and Mormon Glenn Beck have put a whole lot of energy into demonizing Trump, and I think this is one place it’s going to pay-off.

Arizona is more than likely in the bag. Especially the day of a major terrorist attack, when people are going to be much more likely to vote for the Alpha Male who wants to remove kebab.

Here’s Donald on Fox and Friends a couple hours ago talking about Brussels.

You can see live results from The New York Times. Personally, I prefer to just type “primaries” into Google and get their live results.

Here’s the Fox 10 feed.

And there will be more feeds in the live thread.

Come, come join the live thread.


It’s truly a party.

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Hail Victory.