Armed Negro Shot in the Back by a White Cop When He Tried to Flee a Crime Scene

Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

Nice shot.

What did this negro expect to happen?

Seriously, what the hell do these dindus think is going to happen?

New York Post:

Newly released video from a police body camera in Virginia shows a white officer shooting a black suspect in the back as he tries to run away.

The Virginian-Pilot obtained video showing rookie Portsmouth Officer Jeremy Durocher wounding Deontrace Ward, who authorities described as an armed burglary suspect. Authorities say the shooting occurred in October as police responded to a robbery call in a residential neighborhood in the southeast Virginia city.

Durocher’s attorney, Nicolas Renninger, said Ward was a clear danger because he was armed. Police said they found a loaded handgun in Ward’s pantleg.

This happened a couple weeks ago, and there was no BLM.

The last few situations like this, BLM has skipped out… it seems like the people funding it have realized that it is causing ever more shitlibby people to hate the coloreds.